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Men’s Summer Style Essentials

by luxirare
summer style essentials

Whether you are getting ready to enjoy your vacation or you want to look good no matter where you go, here are a few summer style essentials for men that will definitely help you pull together outfits for any occasion that arises.

Always buy polo shirts that fit you

A polo shirt should be a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, because they have a casual air, not being too sophisticated and offering you a laid back air, and they are comfortable. But, you must be careful when purchasing polo shirts, because you need to get one that fits your body. The polo shirt should be slim enough to underline your body, without being tight. It should be long enough so that the edge will reach the half way down the zipper of the pants. The sleeve should be fitted, not too large and not to tight, covering half to three quarters of your biceps. And finally, the sleeve’s seam should slightly fall past the edge of your shoulder.

Do you have the right swimwear?

If you are wondering what to purchase when it comes to swimwear, you should know that 6” shorts or the standard board shorts are trending hot this summer. When it comes to design, you should leave your imagination free, because you will have plenty to choose from. Whether you like floral prints, geometric shapes, turtle prints, or navy stripes, the choice is entirely a matter of personal preference.

The boat shoes and canvas snickers will give you a relaxed and elegant appearance

The boat shoes were created out of practical purposes, so that sailors will not slip on the boat’s deck, becoming today an important part of any man’s summer wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable, completing an outfit that is made out from a shirt and some slim fit chinos, or a casual button up shirt. And let us not forget about the canvas snickers, especially the white ones. Whether you wish to create a casual appearance or you are looking to dress a bit more sophisticated, without compromising your comfort, the white canvas snickers will be your perfect allies.

Do not forget about slim fit chinos

Just as mentioned before, the slim fit chinos should be present in your summer wardrobe. They will flatter your silhouette, if you are careful not to pick them too tight. They will go just right with the canvas sneakers and a polo shirt, for a casual appearance, when you are taking lunch with your friends, or decide to enjoy a stroll along the shore line.

summer style essentials


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