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Why Are Men So Easy To Dress?!

by luxirare
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It’s true isn’t it ladies? Men just seem so much easier to dress than ourselves, or even female friends and family. Whenever you go shopping for them, it seems everything in the store would look good on them. Yet when you go for yourself, you could walk in and out of five different stores and swear blind there was nothing in there suitable for you. But what is it that makes men so easy to dress for? Are their styles simpler? Yes a little. Or is it just the fact that they’re not as fussy as girls? Not always the case. This article is going to explore a little into why they’re just so easy to dress for.

One of the main reasons is we know exactly what we’d like to see them wearing. It’s not like shopping for your own clothes where you have to worry if it’ll fit or whether it’ll look nice with some heels. As for men, as long as we like the design and style of it, it’ll look good on them. Plus, they’re just not that fussy with what they wear. As long as you know your man well enough, you’ll know what style and colours he likes. They always seem to be a lot cheaper than women’s clothes as well. We always seem to end up spending a fortune on one item, whereas they can get a couple for a fraction of the price. Whatever it is about men’s clothing that makes it seem so stylish and easy, us girls need a taste of it now too.

They might be easy to dress now as there’s some really big male fashion icons out there are the minute. Take Kanye West. He knows his way around the fashion world, and has created some really unique yet stylish looks for both men and women. It would also seem that men are taking a bit more care of their image as well. It is more common for men to be standing in front of the mirror for a lot longer than women would. Maybe this is why we know what style they like to look of more now because men are more open about it. For example, one popular look that has been inspired by the one and only Conor Mcgregor at the minute is the smart suited and booted look. If you get the right men’s shirt that is nicely fitted, and complete it with some fresh fitted suit trousers, it really can be an attractive look.

Taking men round the shops with you is still going to be a big task for them, so if you’re going shopping for them, definitely don’t let them tag along. If you’ve been with them long enough you should know exactly what style the like and what will suit them. If you’re still struggling for inspiration, do a bit of online shopping first. Most clothes websites have models showcasing different looks, don’t be afraid to pinch and entire look from that.

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