How an MBA Will Transform Your Career

If you feel as though you’ve reached the limits of your career as far as your qualifications can take you,  and you’re not ready to stop growing, you should seriously consider earning an MBA. It’s the kind of degree that most people come to after gaining several years of work experience in order to take control of their career and take the next big leap forward either at their present company or with another firm. It’s an investment in your life that produces some pretty serious returns not only in compensation but in new opportunities, prospects, and contacts.

First of all, you will be able to command a higher salary than before; while the figures vary from year to year, generally employers are willing to pay considerably more for hires with an MBA, even as high as an 85% increase. That’s because you come equipped with a strong grasp of business management theories and fundamentals that you can quickly apply to real scenarios; employers love candidates who have graduated from programs that task students with developing plans to face real world scenarios.

For example, the Integrated Core term at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics is all about delivering the fundamental core business courses in a holistic, cross functional method, all while putting students together in teams with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This allows the students to develop a comprehensive response to real cases using all eight pillars of business theory.

Secondly, MBAs are increasingly in employers’ targets, and even as they scale back hiring those with Bachelor degrees, they are ramping up recruitment efforts to bring in better educated employees. The degree is not a resume builder, it’s a foundation on which you can construct the career you always imagined for yourself.

Making the jump from junior to senior management may mean that you need to enhance your career with an MBA, a smart strategy for anyone who feels as though their limited credentials are hindering their advancement. Whereas one-third of b-school graduate candidates in 2014 were in junior management before embarking on their degrees, only 5% remained in those positions after completing their respective programs. Many graduates use their new degree to command a higher position and salary at their present firm while others leverage their higher qualifications to make a jump to another company. Still others use an MBA to change careers – if you’re considering this option, you can make up for a lot of missing experience by entering a program with a co-op or internship such as one offered by the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.

Furthering your education in business can also take you places you never expected to go; that’s because you’re not in this program alone, you’re attending with some of the brightest and most ambitious minds around. They will be your team members, your classmates, you will meet them at networking events, you will compete against or alongside them in international business competitions, and you will work closely together in class. To find application deadlines and upcoming intake dates, stop by and start preparing your application. A lifelong network of contacts opens up a host of opportunities you may have otherwise never had, leading you across industries and into positions you never imagined yourself holding. If you’re feeling stuck, mobilise your career by applying for an MBA now.

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