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Makeup Tips for Your Wedding – The Do’s and Don’ts

by luxirare
Makeup Tips for Your Wedding

When getting dressed for that special day, you always want to look your very best. You want a fairy tale wedding and you want to be the princess. That is only understandable and you should be the belle of the ball, the fairy princess from your dreams come true. You’ve chosen the perfect venue, your bridal wear has been ordered and you are ready to start thinking about how to do your hair and face. Unfortunately, sometimes we just go a bit overboard. With that big day on the horizon, let’s review a few makeup tips for your wedding; the do’s and don’ts you should be aware of.

Leading Up to that Special Day

Before discussing what to do and not to do when putting on your makeup for your wedding, it’s important to understand that your skin needs to be cleansed of impurities and your pores closed as tightly as possible. As early as you can, months in advance if you have time, begin preparing your skin to be its purest and most radiant. Begin with a gentle cleansing regimen and keep your skin moisturised. On the day of  your wedding, it is suggested that you use a special pore tightening/closing formulation before putting anything on whatsoever other than the moisturiser that you use after cleansing your face.

Never Forget the Base

Although this is a rather absurd analogy, think about how a builder constructs a house. What is the first thing they do? That’s right, build the foundation. That’s why for years and years your base makeup was called a foundation and that’s just how you should view it. Unless you apply the right type of product in the right color for your skin tone, your ‘house’ will come tumbling down.

If you apply the wrong base, nothing will sit right on your face. Use a base/foundation with a matte type ‘finish’ so that your skin doesn’t shine with oils. This is especially important during the warmer months of the year as the heat will make you sweat and bring oils to the surface. For this reason, a powder base foundation is often preferred.

Color Me Beautiful

There seems to be something that many women don’t ‘get’ about color. They love a certain color lipstick or eye shadow and that’s what they stick with whether those are the right shades for their skin or not. On the off chance that you aren’t sure what color really complements your natural looks, it is suggested that you consult with a professional esthetician before your wedding day. Colors that you have always loved and worn may not be right for you and colors that you are not at all fond of may look amazing on you.

Any other day, your makeup isn’t important as long as you are happy. However, on your wedding day you must look your best! For this day, wear what complements your natural beauty as well as the colors of your wedding party. It can’t be overemphasized – that’s a must. Remember, it’s not always what you like, but what works that counts. Follow these tips and you’ll have that fairytale wedding you always dreamed of with you at the center, the loveliest bride ever.

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