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Make Singapore Your First Post-Lockdown Destination

by luxirare

Rarely are you ever able to call a country in any continent the ‘jewel’ atop the crown? However, Singapore is wholly worthy of that title. It’s a city of just 5.7 million people, yet its GDP is $589 billion. The reason for such wealth creation is due to its prosperity in financial services and business. Singapore is known to be the gateway into the east of Asia for anyone who wants to do business. But right now, all you probably care about is visiting this inspiring city-state, once lockdown is lifted. Here are some reasons why you are correct to make this your first stop on perhaps a journey across the continent.

By the Bay

You would think that in a city-state that is largely seen as a concrete jungle that the nation wouldn’t care about giving it’s population green spaces. You would be wrong because the Gardens by the Bay is a monument to how creative one can be in such a short space. It achieves 6.4 million visitors every single year. It has the best view of the entire city because it faces out into the harbor, providing you with a side-on angle of the skyline. At night, this is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The Cloud Mountain is a natural botanical garden that has been sealed with a glass dome. This isn’t just a feat of engineering but of beauty. The Lost Word segment of the garden is by far the most popular because it has some of the most exotic plants and flowers from around the continent.

The golden mile

Singapore is perhaps the most Westernized city in the entirety of Asia. The only other city that comes close is Hong Kong. Orchard Road is seen as the ‘golden mile’ of the nation because it’s the heartland of the biggest shopping brands. This is where you can get anything you want. The latest sneakers from Nike, the hottest jackets from Hugo Boss as well as a traditional street food snack from one of the vendors. You should also use the storage centres close by to keep all of the items that you buy, while you’re in Singapore. They use facial recognition so no one can claim to be you and run away with your goods. They have top-notch security and plenty of space for you to store your gifts and souvenirs. If you have bought something valuable like jewelry or a great painting, then you should use this service instead of keeping it in your hotel room just to be sure.

A scenic retreat

Don’t you just want to be in a serene place after this pandemic? That’s that the MacRitchie Reservoir is all about. Standing water with wildlife all around you, bird song, handcrafted wooden footpaths and traditional Singaporean architecture. What’s not to like? This is where you need to go when you just need to detox your mind and begin again.

Singapore is going to be one of the earliest places to reopen when the lockdown is lifted. It’s handled the pandemic wonderfully and that’s why you should feel happy to explore this incredible city-state as soon as you get the chance. 


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