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Magical Experiences in Iceland

by luxirare

While most of you are accustomed to exotic vacations on exotic beaches, there are so many places out in the world that are definitely worth seeing and experiencing. If you want to have a surreal experience, which appears to be taken from a parallel world, you need to mark Iceland on your list of places that must be visited. Why Iceland? What makes this land of ice and cold weather so special? While it is not the warmest place you can visit, the landscapes are breathtaking and you can always enjoy a natural hot pool out in the open, in which you can soak right away. Besides this, the geology and low temperatures led to the formation of mind-blowing ice caves in Iceland, which appear to be carved by mythical creatures. So, you must experience ice cave tours in Iceland and see gorgeous natural museums created by Mother Nature itself.

Iceland is a rather small island located in the north of Europe, floating at the point where the North Atlantic meets the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. The country manages to attract visitors from all over the world, not just with its unique culture, but also with its dramatic natural scenery. Lava fields and old volcanoes are common sightings in Iceland, as volcanic activity shaped the way this island looks for thousands of years in a row. So, do expect to see sharp rocky cliffs, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, turquoise blue lakes, geysers, hot springs, and hot natural pools. But not just the natural landscape of Iceland is mesmerizing. The island’s cities are gorgeous as well, having a particular charm while being surrounded by tall mountains with snowy peaks and blue waterfronts. Not to mention that if you choose to visit Iceland at the right time of the year, you can also witness the beautiful Aurora Borealis, a phenomenon that sends neon lights on the dark sky at night.

But, if you decide to visit Iceland, make sure not to miss the ice cave tours, as this is something you won’t find anywhere else. Iceland is blessed with some of the most spectacular caves this planet has to offer. These caves are very important for the island, not just because they are beautiful and intriguing natural formations, but also because they served as shelters both for animals and humans alike, during the cold and harsh Icelandic winters. In fact, in some parts of the island, people still use some of the caves as barns or sheds for livestock. Why is it so fascinating to visit Iceland’s caves? Well, the truth is that they can really put up a show, being true natural museums carved by the continuous volcanic activity in the area. While some caves are natural monuments, such as the glacier and lava caves, some of them are made by man. Don’t worry, as the guide in charge of your cave tour will let you know which is which.

Just don’t forget to wear warm and comfortable clothes and a pair of reliable boots, as most of these caves are covered by thick ice even on the inside. You will receive safety helmets and flashlights from the tour guide, as safety precautions. But, besides of slipping if you’re not careful where you place your feet, there are no other risks when enjoying cave tours in Iceland. In case you are wondering which of these caves are most spectacular, then do know that glacier caves are the most beautiful and popular at the same time. It is worth knowing that a glacier cave is not the same thing with an ice cave, although both of them have ice as the main ingredient. While ice caves are regular caves, carved in stone walls, which feature ice throughout the year due to low temperatures, glacier caves are actually caves carved inside a glacier. This means that there will be less rock and more ice in these caves. They are very spectacular due to the fact that their thick ice walls filter the light that comes from the outside, allowing beautiful shades of blue to enter the cave. Thus, depending on the thickness of the ice wall and its structure, you may see shades of green and turquoise to sky blue and navy inside such a cave.

But besides the beautiful lights, the experience of being inside a glacier cave is definitely an unforgettable one. It almost feels like walking on a different planet, as the scenery around you appears to be taken from a Sci-Fi movie. Some of these caves have tubular shapes, but this doesn’t mean that man intervened in making them. Tubular ice caves formed in lava tubes, thinking that lava once flowed where you stand today making the experience even more exciting. Of course, not all caves in Iceland have ice on the inside, as there are caves made out of black lava that have rather specular chambers, equipped with stairs for an easy access. But, be careful, as the lack of ice on the inside doesn’t make them warmer, so make sure to bundle up while getting ready for a cave tour. Considering that a cave tour can last up to an hour or so, you need to protect your body and extremities against the low temperatures found inside a cave. Thus, wear a warm hat, gloves or mittens, and solid boots, with thick socks.

If you haven’t planned your future vacation or getaway, you can now seriously consider a trip to Iceland. You have more than enough reasons to come here and if you opt for organized tours, things will get even better. It is hard to see the most important and interesting things in Iceland if you’ll come here for the first time, so joining a tour with an experienced guide to show you around is the best way to get familiar with the island and see its most appreciated gems. Most certainly you will return home with a set of memories you will never forget. So, this year, ditch the beaches and subscribe to an adventure inside the frozen caves of Iceland.

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