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Luxury for Less: Even the Wealthy Love a Bargain

by luxirare

Even if you’re rich and famous, there’s nothing quite like getting an absolute steal on a luxury item. Whether it’s high fashion or exclusive jewellery, our shopping can get pretty expensive and even someone with deep pockets would cringe at the thought of spending more than a hundred on something like a shirt. As the saying goes, “a fool and his money are soon parted”, and you’d be a fool not to check out these fantastic money-saving tips that will help you save money when purchasing luxury items.

Shopping for new shoes can be fun, but incredibly expensive.

Does it really have to be new?

Okay, so buying a used shirt or sweater might seem pretty strange. You don’t know who’s worn it, you’re unsure where it’s been and you have no idea on the condition of it unless you inspect it up close. However, buying something like a used watch or phone can actually be a smart decision. In fact, there are times where purchasing a used item of clothing can actually be smart as well.

How, you ask? Think of it this way; when high-end fashion brands release collections they rarely ever re-introduced certain things. For instance, if there’s an exclusive collaboration between two companies or a winter collection, then they’re not going to release those items in the following spring. As a result, those items become exclusive and you’ll probably never ever see them again. If you love your fashion and absolutely must own these items, then you’ll want to look on used or auction websites. At times, you’ll find them in pristine condition because they’ve only been worn once or kept in the packaging to grow in value.

Buying used can sometimes be incredibly cheap and you’ll save a tonne of money. However, do beware of people selling fakes and imitations. Only used trusted sites if possible and ask to inspect an item if you’re paying a large sum of money for it!

Even high-end stores have sales

Luxury brands might have a high barrier to entry when it comes to money, but that doesn’t mean they don’t lower it now and then. John Lewis sales are more common than you think and it’s not strange to see resellers and high-end fashion stores put popular brands like Gucci and Off-White on sale from time to time. For fashion stores, you’ll usually find sales as a new collection is arriving and an old one is phasing out. However, you’re unlikely to find your specific size as sales usually indicate soon-to-be-deadstock.

So next time you’re out shopping for something luxurious, keep in mind that you’re not forced to pay ludicrous sums of money for something. If you think it’s too expensive, even with deep pockets, then you don’t have to pay for it. Simply walk away to a different store and buy something else or look elsewhere. Don’t feel pressured to buy something because you’ve walked into a pristine and glamorous store! There are always bargains to be had elsewhere.

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