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Luxury Destinations Along the West Coast

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After the uncertainty of this year, you are likely in need of a vacation. As you dream of the perfect getaway, your mind is filled with crystal oceans, amazing dining experiences, and beautiful views. Fortunately, you do not have to travel the globe to have a luxury experience. There are amazing resorts and destinations along the West Coast that offer some of the most incredible experiences that you could imagine. In this article, we will share the four best luxury destinations along the West Coast.

1. Seattle

Seattle is an incredible city that is unlike many others in the country. Known as the “Emerald City”, this destination is surrounded by dense forests and lush areas. When you explore the areas around the city, you may feel like you are entering a different country. Seattle is known for offering luxurious opportunities to tourists from across the world. When you travel to Seattle, learn how to find a premier luxury yacht moorage. At Emerald Landing, yachts have a premiere docking experience, making every guest feel at home. After touring the perimeter of the city on a yacht, venture to the Salish Lodge and Spa that is located just outside of the downtown area. This lodge is planted by a waterfall and allows luxury travelers to have the views of outdoor adventurers. 

2. Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay is an incredible cove off the coast of Oregon. Known for being a resting area for many different types of wildlife animals, this cove is both exclusive and immaculate. Nestled within the cove, there is a luxury resort called the Whale Cove Inn. This resort has fine dining options and a patio space that allows you to soak in the fresh ocean air. Being located far away from any cities and towns, this exclusive destination is the perfect place for a restful getaway.

3. Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the sea is an enchanted coast town that attracts honeymooners and travelers from across the globe. This town has a European style and outlines a stretch of white-sand beaches. Due to its size, everything in the area is walking distance. This ease of access makes it the perfect destination for people who are looking to get away. Our favorite resort in this coastal town is the Bernardus Lodge and Spa; it is known for being a “Wine Lover’s paradise.” This estate is nestled among vineyards and is known for crafting delectable wine. With luxury spa, fitness, and dining amenities, you will never want your vacation to end.

4. Malibu

When you think of the perfect west coast destination, you likely think of white sand, sunny skies, and incredible surfers. Malibu is the perfect place for those who are hoping to have a picturesque California experience. Located north of Los Angeles, this region is home to many famous individuals and billionaires. Because of this, there are plenty of high-class amenities. Our favorite resort is the quaint, Surfrider Hotel. This whitewashed resort has intimate rooms and stylish features. 


The West Coast is lined with incredible destinations that attract travelers from across the globe. When you are planning a getaway, consider going somewhere that you can truly find the rest and rejuvenation that you need to thrive in your day to day life. Pack your bags and get ready to experience restoration and joy. 

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