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Luxury Decor Tips For 3 Rooms In Your Home

by luxirare

Luxury is not only about creating a certain aesthetic; when your home is concerned, it’s more about creating a feeling.

Luxury embodies a sense of opulence, elegance, and sophistication, usually entailing great expense. But today, regardless of your financial circumstances, designing a home that appears luxurious is a lot more attainable, even on a tight budget.

It’s easy for individuals to think creating a luxurious abode entails buying the most expensive furniture and materials known to man. But merely putting together numerous luxurious items and colors in one room or home will amount to nothing more than mismatched chaos. 

 For a real luxury look and feel in your home, research, careful planning, trial, and error and time to reflect is needed to get the luxurious home you desire. 

Below, you can gain insight into what elements you could consider adding to either the bathroom, entertainment room, or master bedroom in your home. 

Cast your creative eye on each space in your home to decipher whether some of the ideas below may work for your abode.

Bathroom Suite

You’re not restricted to one set design when creating a bathroom. But for inspiration to help you along in the right direction, take a look at imagery of luxury spas online. 

You’ll notice common themes thread throughout each image are free-standing baths. And materials such as marble, granite, and stone deck the walls, floors, and furnishings. Although these materials are expensive, you can find cheaper alternative substitutes that still look the part in your bathroom. 

In terms of bathroom linens, mats, and curtains, they should never be discounted; their presence plays an ultimate role in exuding luxury in your spa-like bathroom. 

As such, rather than a thin shower curtain, you could use a thicker draped curtain that kisses the floor. Or purchase a plain glass door; it’s often inexpensive but merges well with most bathroom designs and is great for smaller bathrooms limited on space.

Moreover, don’t forget to invest in a matching bath, head, and hand towels. Ideally, towels that are thick and soft to touch, such as Egyptian cotton, is recommended. They will not only look fluffy and expensive, but they will feel luxurious too. 

Flooring should be hard flooring for aesthetic and hygiene purposes. Cleanliness is a staple necessity in luxury interior design. 

You’ll have numerous flooring options to choose from. For example, you may want exposed wooden flooring for rustic or classic luxury. Or high polished porcelain tiles for a modern luxury image.

Entertainment Room

After a stressful day at work, the go-to place for you to indulge in your favorite pastime and unwind is your soon-to-be luxurious entertainment room. 

Part of deciding its most suitable luxe design. Is by first selecting a genre or more of entertainment you are hoping to include in the area. Here are a few entertainment setups that may appeal to you;

  • Snooker table
  • Home cinema
  • Arcade
  • Minibar
  • Mini-golf
  • Gaming systems

Once you’ve thought about what you would like to spend time doing in the entertainment room, be it watching the Seahawks vs Patriots game in the home cinema. Or challenging your family to a weekly game night of snooker. You can begin to think about the interior.

The entertainment room is a place to relax, and so emulate this feeling with lots of soft furnishings and textures. Such as thick carpet, or hard flooring, draped in oversized rugs, accompanied by extra-wide and deep corner or U sofas.

The choice of lighting will depend on the activities you choose to have in the room. For example, snooker tables and minibars always look elegant and authentic, with matching pendant lamps hovering above. Plus, opt for warm white as opposed to bright white. Warm white is much more relaxing and fitting for your luxury games room. Bright white can appear quite clinical.

You needn’t limit lighting to one ceiling light or lamp, either. Creating multiple light points enables you to change the ambiance of a room with ease.

Moreover, consider adding a focal point to the space. Such as a built-in fireplace with real flames. Or, depending on the area you have, you could install a fire at the center of your seating arrangement. 

Additional decor elements to consider are glass cabinets built into the walls with spotlights, highlighting any accomplishments, memorabilia, and books you adore. If you like drinking, you could fill decanters and present these on the shelves also.

Master Bedroom

To make your master bedroom as opulent as it can be, here are a few tips to think about combining in the room.

Plush bedding, such as overfilled pillows, and a flurry of plush cushions to decorate the bed. And a sizeable thick duvet cover will make the bed look like an expensive, luxury haven for you to dive onto.  

It’s essential not to add busy, intense, distracting wall displays. And instead, opt for simplicity and elegance. For example, instead of painting all of the walls one color, perhaps select a feature wall, and paint it in warm, soothing hues such as greige. 

Warm, non-invasive tones are essential to create a luxurious and open bedroom space. That won’t sap the light from the room and look classy in both night and daylight. A popular alternative to painted walls right now is wall cladding.

Add a headboard to the bed, preferably one with contemporary fabric. Often people are quick to opt for velvet. However, linen effect is understated and works well in harmony with other materials, furnishings, and decor in the room- such as the art you’ll place above the bed. 

A room dressed in a neutral palette can bear a pop of color from a large abstract art piece. Large, detailed, effective art can bring an entire room together. By providing interest, and drawing the viewer’s attention upwards, giving the illusion the master bedrooms’ walls and ceilings are much higher than they are.

When designing and crafting luxury interior in your home, always remember that reflecting on any improvements you’ve made as you go along is imperative.

Taking time to absorb interior changes will enable you to understand what does and doesn’t work in a room. And what is and isn’t giving you those elegant, expensive vibes you should be feeling when creating a luxury dwelling. 

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