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The Most Luxurious Ways to Travel

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There are dozens of luxurious, glamorous and exotic destinations all over the globe, but sadly only a small percentage get to tick all of these off of their lists. In addition to these great destinations that include names such as Paris, Monaco, New York City, Tokyo, St Petersburg, Sao Paulo and countless others, there are also some superb ways to travel to these places that enable you to reach your destination in style.

If you are planning a glamorous vacation and want it to get off to a luxury start, consider these fantastic methods of travelling which represent the ultimate in indulgent travel.


The method of transportation favoured by the rich and the famous, nothing signifies the high life more than a yacht. This is an extremely lavish way to reach your destination, with many modern day yachts boasting swimming pools, helipads, bars, entertainment centres and much, much more. When you charter a yacht, the journey itself becomes the vacation and it is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.


A train may not sound particularly luxurious and conjure images of a cramped commute to work, but there are wonderful train services that allow you to travel in style. These trains are very much like a moving 5-star hotel with the amenities available, plus you also get to enjoy lovely views as you travel across land to your destination.

Private Jet

You may think that private jets are reserved for CEO’s and legendary rock stars, but this is no longer the case. More and more people are opting for on-demand private jet charter, enabling you to select your aircraft and destination and then pay a one-off fee. This amazing service is available from specialists, such as Victor. This gives you the chance to enjoy the high life high up in the clouds before reaching your glamorous destination. This also allows you to quickly travel to destinations both near and far.

Luxury Cruise Ship

Modern day cruise liners are incredible ships that are filled with everything that you need for a fun, relaxing and luxurious trip. This may include state-of-the-art spas, swimming pools, fine dining, theatres, bars and anything else you could think of. This is also a great ways to travel as you can enjoy being at sea and arriving at a handful of intriguing and exotic port cities.

If you are looking for some glamour with your next vacation, you cannot go wrong with these fantastic forms of transportation that will enable you to indulge and unwind on route to your destination.

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