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How to Look Like You Lost 10lbs

by luxirare
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Losing the final 10lbs in your weight loss goal can seem next to impossible. In fact, it’s often the most difficult portion to lose. You may not even have a big goal, it could just be that you put on some extra weight over the Christmas holidays or while on vacation, or it just snuck up over time. While you work to lose those 10lbs, I’ve gathered up some tricks that you can use that will make it look as though you’ve shed the weight instantly.

Colour can be Your Friend

A very quick and easy way to make it look as though you’ve slimmed down overnight is to use colour in strategic ways. Professionals recommend that rather than going with basic black, opt for something colourful on top and then use the darker item on the bottom. You don’t have to grab the fluorescent colours mind you; instead, opt for rich jewel tones, burnt orange, and red.

Check the Fit

The fit on your clothes can also have a huge impact on how you look. If you wear clothes that are really baggy and don’t have much shape, then it will make your body look the same. On the flip side if you are wearing clothes that are too small and too tight, it will make it look like you’ve put on weight. Fit and structure are your friends when you are looking to create a more svelte shape. You want clothes that flatter your curves without covering them or clinging to them.

Learn to Contour

Another beauty trick is one that you can use on your face. Facial contouring offers instant results and is able to create the lines on your face that look natural and chiselled. It gives the illusion that you are slimmer than you actually are. Now keep in mind that this one takes a bit of practice, as well as the proper products and tools, of course.

Pick the Right Bra

This one is really simple yet overlooked by so many. Did you know that by wearing the right size bra you will not only look “lifted” but you will look thinner? If you’ve been wearing the same size for a while it may be that it’s time to get sized by a professional.

Permanent Cosmetic Options

Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with these tricks that offer temporary results, then you may want to look into permanent cosmetic options, such as those found at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic. They offer such options as tummy tucks, liposuction, laser liposuction, and much more. It’s wise to make an appointment and speak to a professional about the options available to you if this is something you are considering.

Get the Look You Want

By using these tricks or even going down the route of a cosmetic procedure, you’ll be able to get that look you want and put your best foot forward, giving you the confidence you deserve.


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