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How to Look your Best at Any Party

by luxirare

Who doesn’t like going to a party? No one does actually. These events are basically where you get to meet new friends and, more importantly, get a good impression from other people.

Whether it’s a birthday party or a bridal shower, you will have to keep in mind that presentation matters. The way you project yourself in a function or a party establishes your ability to attract other people. To truly enjoy a party – from the most lenient to the wildest – you will need to equip yourself with the required poise and confidence.

And what better way to improve both than to focus on the external. Now, here are some ideas that will make you look good at any party you’re invited to.

Choose the appropriate tint for your lips

A woman’s lips tells us everything about her. If you aim to project yourself attractively, then you should go for a lipstick that works to this end. Depending on the nature of the party of course, you should pick the appropriate shade that blends well with your dress. For a bright red cocktail dress, you can accentuate your face by wearing a darker shade of lipstick.

Keep your eyes smokey

Aside from your lips, your eyes will always be the center of attention, that is if you wear the right shade of eyeshadow and eyeliner to make your special pair of goggles stand out. Then again, casual parties don’t really demand a lot insofar as eyeshadow is concerned. For lavish parties on the other hand, you can always add some eyeliner above the eye and apply eyeshadow in a way that achieves what is often called a “smokey” effect.

Prep your skin up

When you are in the middle of the dance floor, chances are you will be sharing it with a guy. And when a slow rock song begins to flow out of the speakers, you will have to get close to each other, skin to skin. If you’re aiming to create a lasting impression for the guy, then you might want to keep your skin smooth. With that said, you should be able to prepare your skin for any eventuality. That means, stacking up on exfoliating cream and the best moisturizers that will keep your hands, arms, and face soft to the touch.

Get yourself a tan

Going to parties also implies being part of selfies and groufies. Expect flashes which will turn anyone who’s pale-skinned into white clouds or reflectors. If you want yourself to look as dashing on cam, then you might want to get a tan. Aim for a lighter shade which is just enough to make you look confidently beautiful in pictures, whether taken by a DSLR or an iPhone.

Dress up

Of course, it’s not a party if you’re not dressed up for the occasion. But all too often, dressing up is a very daunting part of preparing for a party. You will need to make a little extra effort to match your attire. With that said, you can always consult your friends on which dress to pick; or, better yet, asked an expert on party attire to make sure you’re strapped in for a good time.

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