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Living Room Decoration Made Easy

by luxirare

Making your living room into a homely and stylish place to relax after a long day need not be a difficult task. You only need a few simple additions to the usual roster of furniture like your sofa and TV, to really make the room your new favourite place in the house.


The best place to start when revamping your living room is definitely with lighting. Good lighting can have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of a space and can make it seem homelier, warmer and larger. Start with the main light – make it your main feature and the brightest bulb in the room. Get supplementary lamps for lower light, like reading lamps, table and floor lamps. It definitely pays to get a mix of different kinds of lighting.


Especially good if you have wooden or laminate flooring, rugs can be at once practical, and a design feature. Rugs help dampen the sound of footsteps, so if you live in an upstairs flat, investing in a rug is an excellent noise-cancelling solution. As well as this practical feature, rugs help with insulation and keeping the heat in your living room.

Coffee Table

The focal point of the living room, the coffee table is a great feature to experiment with. Try a different shape to the traditional square or circular. You can find multi-layered tables, tables with drawers, on wheels, patterned or mirrored.


Shelving is a good place to both display and store your belongings. There have been many trends recently for making a feature wall using a full floor to ceiling bookcase – ideal if you have lots of books to show off. If you have limited space in your living room, make use of vertical space – tall, as opposed to wide shelving units, and custom shelving is ideal here.


The quickest way to add homely and stylish touches to your living room is to invest in smaller accessories. The below are just some ideas you can try:

  • Throws
    Draped artfully over seating, these are great for cosy nights in and protecting your furniture from wear and tear.
  • Cushions
    Getting bold and colourful cushions to add to your favourite armchair will be the cherry on the top of your living room
  • Ornaments
    Vases, clocks, mini statues, candles – these all combine to make your house feel more like a home.

It’s always the little touches that make the most difference to your home. The more personality you put into the design of your living room, the homelier it will feel.

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