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Living In Brisbane: 4 Things To Consider Before Moving To Brisbane

by luxirare

A biodiverse paradise, Brisbane is home to 2,000 green parks and 2,500 species of plants. Brisbane is a collection of suburbs offering a blend of sea views, city living and untamed natural landscapes. Each borough boasts its benefits. Some are located in the city but are close enough to parks that children can enjoy. Other areas have shops, restaurants and other facilities in such close range. All of which you could travel to without needing a car.

The bustling city has many qualities supporting it. Being able to cycle along the river, having world-class beaches an hour away and spending weekends at farmers’ markets attracts many newcomers. In addition to this, Moreton Island is home to some truly remarkable wildlife. The views you can experience from the Scenic Rim Mountains are well worth the hike. The tropical city is accommodating for all those who choose to reside there.

For those considering living in Brisbane, here are a few things to keep in mind before you make your move.

The Health Services Available

With similarities to many big cities, Brisbane has numerous medical centres, pharmacies, hospitals, late-night doctors and emergency departments. If you find yourself in need of medical treatment, you can rest assured. Wherever in Brisbane, you will find the support and services needed to help you with your medical emergency. To help reduce the costs of any medical bills, it is worth checking to see if you are eligible for a Medicare card. If you are eligible for a card, you will be entitled to receive free health care.

In addition to your physical health, your oral health is equally as important. Having regular check-ups at the dentist will still be essential, making finding a new dentist in Brisbane a task at the top of your list. Fortunately, there are highly qualified dentists in Brisbane, like puredentsitry.com.au, which offer a selection of services.

Finding a dental practice that can offer a diverse selection of services will be beneficial in the years to come. It will help you to avoid having to search for another dentist. For instance, if you need dental treatment for children under general anaesthesia, they cannot provide it at their practice. Instead, you know that you will receive the same high-quality service and treatment with whichever dental procedure you need.

Employment Options

Across Brisbane, there is a wealth of industries. If you move to Brisbane for work, you will be happy to hear that most sectors are in the growing city. Given its location in Queensland, the hospitality and tourism industry are two of the largest sectors you can work in.

There are more traditional, blue-collar industries that operate within the city, such as mining and farming. Since it is a growing city, there are also several emerging technology and manufacturing sectors.

Quality Schools For Your Children To Attend

If you are looking to move to Brisbane with your family, you will likely be interested in knowing about the schools available. There are many quality schools to choose from for your children. Many of which are in some of the suburbs that are popular with families.

Those looking at sending their children to a private school to get their education will be pleased to hear that Brisbane is one of Australia’s most affordable cities for private schooling. The fee costs for the schools will vary between each private school, so you will have to see what options are available.

Ways To Get Around

Brisbane is home to one of the largest bus fleets across Australia. Additionally, it has the cheapest form of public transport. The city has services available from 5 am to midnight, with specific routes operating a 24-hour service on Fridays and Saturdays. In the upcoming year, the city is hoping to introduce a new metro system. It will have services running every five minutes. The train service in place currently is comprehensive. The current train service covers all areas of the city centre as well as the suburbs. You can invest in a go card that allows you easily commute via train, bus, tram and ferry. It is also a cheaper way to travel than purchasing a paper ticket.

For those who prefer to cycle, Brisbane is home to an extensive cycling network. It has dedicated bikeways connected to many public facilities. Cycling is rapidly becoming a popular way to travel across the city.

Making The Move

Moving anywhere is a stressful and exciting experience. Whilst it might take till you feel completely settled, having an idea of what things to expect when living in Brisbane can be helpful. Boasting a warm climate, a safe city and endless possibilities for adventures, Brisbane is ideal for families and those looking to settle down in the later years. In time, you will feel at home in the southeast of Queensland.

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