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Living Clean: Here’s What It Means and Why It Matters

by luxirare
Living Clean

Sorry if this sounds a little preachy. But it has to be said: We could all stand to live cleaner, healthier lives. It is a shame that such a message has to come with a disclaimer. After all, one would think we would all want to live the cleanest, healthiest lives possible. Apparently, one would be wrong.

We still smoke as if the last 50 years of education on the topic didn’t happen. We still load up on carbs as if we think immunity to all those nasty consequences is one of our superpowers. We feel okay right now, and decide that we will go on feeling that way forever.

But there are consequences to living this way. And there are benefits to living clean that far outweigh the momentary dopamine burst obtained from living otherwise. Here is what it means to live clean, and why you want to do a lot more of it:

Recovery Is Harder Than Clean Living

Thank goodness for treatment and recovery centers. The rehabs in Savannah, GA and throughout the country have literally been lifesavers to countless people who took a wrong turn down a dangerous path. But not everyone is so fortunate. Countless people who require a treatment facility never get there. Sometimes it is financial. Sometimes it is a lack of a support system.

There are plenty of situations where a person does enter a treatment program, and for one of many reasons, it fails to work for them. Not all programs are created equally. Also, not all programs are for everyone. So sometimes a person is paired with the wrong program for them.

Living clean is the one sure way of avoiding recovery complications. Drugs and alcohol are known to be addictive, even deadly to a significant segment of the population. There are no upsides that counter the risks. Living clean carries the benefit of avoiding unnecessary, and often terminal risks.

Children Learn By Example

You don’t have to teach children to smoke. All you have to do as a parent is smoke in front of them. Even if they never see you smoke, just knowing that you do is enough to perpetuate the behavior.

The good news is that kids can just as easily pick up positive behaviors as negative ones. So when they see you taking care of your body by doing yoga stretches for travel and other everyday aspects of your life, they will also eagerly pursue that. They may not understand the health benefits to body and mind that yoga can bring. But they will want to do it all the same.

Living clean has the benefit of encouraging your children, and others in your immediate influence to do the same. We all have influence. In some cases, that influence is quite subtle. In other cases, it is rather direct. It could be that a stranger sees you receive a filling but healthy selection at a restaurant and decides to order the same. It works the same way if you order cake. The benefits of making healthy choices goes well beyond yourself.

Good, Clean Fun

It is hard to find a comedy movie that doesn’t involve the irresponsible use of illicit drugs. It is even more challenging to find a stand-up comedian who does not get a laugh by denigrating others. These types of inputs can infiltrate our subconscious, and poison our attitudes regarding lifestyle choices and relationships with other people.

It is socially unhealthy to have fun at another’s expense. Humiliation is a form of bullying. And it is one of the leading causes of suicide. Humiliation does not have to be directed at a particular person, it can also be at a persecuted group. Good, clean fun does not influence people to do harmful things, and it does not make others feel bad about themselves.

There are countless reasons to live clean. But you don’t need a thousand. All you really need to know is that living clean is easier than recovery. Children learn by example. And the world is a better place when fun is not misleading or degrading.

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