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Lifestyle Factors That Make A Bold Personal Statement

by luxirare
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Your lifestyle makes a bold personal statement about who you are as a person. Or, at least, it can make a big statement about who you are. If you feel as if the way you live and the way you present yourself doesn’t truly say something about you and who you are then it might be time to make some changes. It’s important that you present yourself to the world in the way you really want to be presented.

If you want to wear vibrant make-up because you’re a vibrant person then you should. If you care about animals and don’t want to eat meat then you should stop. The power is in your hands. Here are some of the lifestyle factors that make the boldest personal statement about who you are.

Your health.

Nothing says more about a proud lifestyle than healthy habits, as we’ve mentioned before. Obviously, you should aim to be healthy for your own personal benefit rather than simply to impress others. The point is that you should aim not simply to look good on the surface but to feel good underneath. Whitening your teeth so they shine, for example, doesn’t mean your mouth is actually health. You need to brush and floss so as to prevent plaque building up and causing receding gums (this is how gum disease starts).

Surface-level beauty shouldn’t be your lifestyle goal; a healthy lifestyle should be your goal. It make a bold personal statement that you care about your body and mind. And that’s the most important thing, at the end of the day. If you have a family or friends who care about you then you don’t want to put them through the strain of worrying about your health. Make a statement that you want to stick around for a long time.

Your car.

The car you own isn’t just something that gets you from point A to point B: it says something about you as a person. And in these tough times, the vehicle you drive can make a huge personal statement about your lifestyle and personal values. With an environment that is massively threatened by human activity, it’s understandable that you would look towards the big impacts you have on the planet. And a gas-guzzling car is certainly something that can hugely increase your carbon footprint, so you might want to consider the type of vehicle you drive. An economical vehicle with low emissions is certainly the goal.

Of course, your car says a lot about you. Its effect on the planet is only the start of the overall lifestyle statement made by the car you drive. You need to think about its physical appearance too. It doesn’t have to be a big and lavish vehicle (especially if you want to reduce your environmental impact) but it should be personal to you. You could head over to sites such as platehunter.com for private car number plates that can be customized to anything you want. A quirky message or an abbreviation of your name can really make the car feel like a personalized possession. Essentially, the car you own should represent your characteristics and values.

Your career.

Perhaps this seems like a dull topic on which to finish. Your career doesn’t define you as a person, by any means, but it’s still a crucial part of your lifestyle. If you’re working in a role that doesn’t suit you then you’re wasting years of your life. You’re doing something that doesn’t further you as a human being or make any sort of statement about who you are as a person. You don’t have to change the world but you should have a career that makes you feel fulfilled. The rest of the world can see when you’re doing something you love. That’s the boldest personal statement you can make about your life.

Perhaps you want to help other people; you could become a teacher or a charity worker depending on your academic interests. Perhaps you love to socialize; you could be a salesperson, a counselor, or so many other things. The point is that there are so many careers in the world for people of all personality types and all academic backgrounds. Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t let you be yourself. Your career doesn’t have to define you but it should say something important about who you are as a person. As suggested over at success.com, you can always try to progress higher in your career if you feel as if it’s become a little stagnant.

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