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Let’s enjoy being women, shall we?

by luxirare
enjoy being women

Let’s enjoy being women. Let’s wear, as often as possible, skirts and dresses, abandoning ourselves to femininity and stylishness.

Let’s raise our sights and standards. Every day, we should imagine how our best version would be, how would it behave and what would it wish. We should let ourselves less influenced by the opinions, critics, and emotional blackmailing of others.

Let’s be a role model for the young generation, for today’s little girls and teenagers. Whether we are mothers, aunts, cousins or grandmas, we should show through the way we live our lives that they will be, in their turn, the creators of their lives as well.

Let’s exercise and develop our minds, taking serious commitments when it comes to us and completing everything we have proposed. To continue learning new things – whether it is a yoga class, reading more books, acquiring a new profession or even start a business on our own. Education is that “something” nobody can take away from you.

enjoy being women

Let’s enjoy being women. Let’s spoil ourselves because we are worth it. We should wear makeup and care for the way we look, but always being aware that we are more than just a nice “wrapping” on the outside. The idea is that when we feel beautiful, we radiate beauty as well.

Let’s not consider ourselves as being victims. We should be both the directors and actors on the scene of our lives. Nobody appreciates people that feel sorry for themselves.

enjoy being womenLet’s be mannered, elegant and polite. And, with the risk of this sounding a bit arrogant, to rise above those who lack manners at all.

Let’s be independent, from a financial point of view, because we can. One of the two problems that create tensions in a couple is money. And having a steady income, something you can rely on, makes every woman feel in control of the situation.

enjoy being womenLet’s take care of something or someone, even “grow” something – our children, partner, pets, own dreams, ourselves. Affection and the feeling of care are pure feminine, but it doesn’t mean that we will all express them in the same way. Whatever you may choose, do it with love and out of your heart, without any trace of embarrassment and, above all, not out of obligation.

Let’s enjoy being women. Let’s respect all the other women. Some we don’t like, and some we don’t understand. But these count less, the idea is not to despise, ridicule or criticise other women. Be kind and with a healthy dose of common sense.  Create your rules to guide your life and look at other women with understanding, because, in reality, you have no idea how their life really is.

I have the feeling that this list may continue to forever, but I am even more curious what you may add to it: in what way you feel and enjoy the fact of being a woman?


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