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Is it important to have style?

by luxirare

There isn’t any other word more loved and appreciated by stylists and editors than “style”. Wherever you look, there is only “Learn to have style”, “Find your style”, “20 style secrets”, “10 easy tips to create your style”… All of this is desperations and linguistic bareness if you ask me.

But, I can’t help not noticing how such a shame it is to get lost in a particular look, just to comply with the page of a magazine. Of course, there are times when we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves properly. This is when our look, our exterior aspect, falls on a second plan as a priority. Then we come back. Or we don’t. Sometimes, we are saved by our boyfriend or girlfriend, sister, boss, or friend that makes remarks about how we look or puts us in front of a mirror.

On the other hand, not everybody is capable, or in the mood, to spontaneously find his or her style. Even when we know ourselves really well, we can be wrong. We end up believing that we cannot wear skinny jeans just because we have full hips or, on the contrary, that we look great in bright pink just because we are blonde.


For this, trust and patience are needed. You need to be brave enough to look for it, and to assume the risk of failure. Sometimes, you may need a helping hand. The hand of a professional stylist, of a friend that knows you really well, of a salesperson with a trained eye, or of the man that loves you. The only request would be that the person who stands by our side not to have the wish to disguise us, to turn us into someone else. When we try a new look, we should still see ourselves in the mirror.

The originality made for the sake of originality, and “fashionable” outfits done for the sake of being “fashionable” are just not my cup of tea. But personality is, no matter how strong or discreet it is! In other words, wouldn’t you feel annoyed to notice that you copied your look from a shop window?

I like women that dress in the idea of inspiring optimism, joy, and positivism. The ones that play around with modern and vintage fashion, and who are happy to find an old and long forgotten piece of clothing in the back of the dresser. Or, in the same way, who enjoy the small novelties both from a shop (without purchasing an entire bulk of clothes!).

I like, likewise, the simplicity and discretion of Sofia Coppola, the coquetry and boldness of Chloe Sevigny, the sculptural masculinity of Tilda Swinton, and the cared naturalness of Giovanna Battaglia. These women are just a few of the ones that don’t seem to copy anyone, who evolve from a stylistic point of view each passing year, but always remain “themselves”.

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