Invest in a black dress

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everybody says it, since Coco (Chanel, of course) – you must have a perfect, black dress in your dresser. The truth is that this is a fact; you really should have one that can get you out of a dead end.

My advice: spend as much as you can on such a dress, so you can make sure that it will be one of a high quality, that it will respect your silhouette, and that it won’t go out of fashion or get damaged too soon. You make your own budget, but believe me it is worth spending a bit more than you usually do. If the dress you are purchasing is indeed “perfect”, it will enrich your wardrobe and your style will reach a superior level.

You’ve certainly seen it in numerous images already, from the sleeveless knee-long dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to the vamp one worn by Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8, or the dresses worn today by all actresses – of all possible lengths and silhouettes. When you finally make your mind upon a particular silhouette and cut, consider one that will give you the most versatility.

Pick a dress that can be worn at a semi-formal event, but also at a special occasion. Two of the criteria that should be met by such a dress are: the material (which should be more elegant than casual) and the line (well defined, contoured, on the size, apart from a loose, flared cut).

Also think about how sexy you would like the dress to be. The cut and cleavage are essential, these two helping you to make your look be nice and put or the one of a diva. A sleeveless dress, with a boat neck, is very classic, unadventurous, very good for a “beginner”. But what if this dress would have an open back? Mmmm, this is an entirely different story, isn’t it? Cleavages don’t always have to be so obvious and between the breasts, you know…

Anyway, regardless of the preferred cut and length, always opt for one with a straight edge – the asymmetric ones, with feathers or who knows what other details pass out very quickly and can easily become ridiculous. If, in fact, you are looking for an evening dress, pick a simple silhouette, which follows the line of your body, made out of soft silk or satin – and for maximum sex-appeal, with a deep front and back cleavage.

The experience of finding the perfect dress should be just like this – a memorable one, this is why my recommendations are somewhat limited. Book a particular day to do this, because it will be like looking for the equivalent of a bridal dress for a young unmarried woman. Try on many, before you decide. You will know you found it in the moment you will look in the mirror with eyes glowing of joy, because you’ll see yourself more beautiful.

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