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Inventive Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

by luxirare

Choosing a gift for your father can be a challenge: how do you put all of your love, affection and respect into one small item?

It’s even harder to select the perfect gift when your father owns everything he could ever need or want. 

Many men don’t wait to be given what they want; they just buy it, which means that gift-giving can be tough. 

As Father’s Day approaches, we’ve put together a list of creative gift ideas for any dad, so you can show him how much you love him and give him something he’ll treasure. 

An Electric Scooter

The latest trend in the personal transport market is the electric scooter. A combination of a Segway and a traditional scooter, these innovative gadgets are all the rage for trendsetters. If your father loves outdoor fun and adventure, then consider getting him an electric scooter for Father’s Day. There are many different electric scooters on the market, so you’ll be able to find the best electric scooter to suit your father and make his day extra special. 

A Japanese Knife Set

Sharp knives are essential for creating delicious, tasty dishes and honing your cooking skills. If your dad is a fan of whipping-up tasty treats in the kitchen, then find him a sleek, beautiful Japanese knife set that will improve his cooking and make him feel like a professional chef. 

A Personalised Lighter

Gentlemen who choose to smoke should do so in a sophisticated way, and that means always carrying a luxurious metal lighter, rather than a lurid plastic one. If your dad likes to enjoy the odd cigar or pipe, or a cheeky cigarette, then you can purchase an engraved lighter for him and have it personalised to showcase his unique flair and style. 

A Bottle Of Limited Edition Liquor

For fathers who love a tipple, a bottle of limited edition luxury liquor could be the perfect gift. Many renowned producers of delicious alcoholic drinks create small batches, which will make a majestic addition to his drinks cabinet. The rarer and older the batch, the more expensive and impressive the bottle will be, so try to find him a prestigious vintage that will impress even the most discerning of drinks connoisseurs. 

A Designer Watch

Many men love to collect luxury watches, so you could try to find your dad the perfect watch that will enhance his collection. Alternatively, if your father has never considered treating himself to a luxury timepiece, then now’s the time to introduce him to these spectacular feats of engineering and craftsmanship. Luxury watches come in a wide range of designs, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your dad and his unique sense of style. 

Luxury Grooming Products

For the man who has everything and loves to look great, the newest skincare or beard grooming products are the ideal gift. Try to find a set of products from a brand that he already likes and uses, so that you can open his eyes to new solutions and give him a pampering treat this Father’s Day.  

An Exciting Experience 

If your father really does own everything he’s ever wanted, then you should consider buying him an experience. From beer tastings to outdoor adventures, there’s an experience voucher to suit everyone, so you’ll be able to buy your dad a gift that’s as unique and special as he is to you. 

Father’s Day gift buying can be tough if your dad has everything, but if you use this article for inspiration, then you should be able to find an innovative gift that he’ll love. 


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