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Industrial applications of ultimate supermaterial: Synthetic diamonds

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synthetic diamonds

Diamonds are considered to be a precious gemstone that is ideal to make different forms of jewelry. The shiny luster of the gemstone finds it place in jewelry wardrobe of many individuals. But the use of diamonds is not only limited to jewelry domain. Diamonds find its applications in domestic and commercial sectors as well. Both lab-grown and natural diamonds have the same physical and chemical structures and are made of the same material. The difference with lab-grown diamonds is that it can be tailored for varied range of applications. Integrated with unique and abrasive, optical, thermal, electrochemical and mechanical properties- synthetic diamonds finds a wide range of industrial uses. Some of the popular uses of synthetic diamonds in different industries are as follows-

Automotive industry:

Synthetic diamond materials are considered to be an integral part of vehicle manufacturing. Regarded to be as the “ultimate supermaterial”, synthetic diamonds find a varied range of applications in this industry. The lab grown synthetic diamond materials are used in critical engine and gearbox components, wheel assembly, window manufacture and in smooth, sleek body panel finish of automotive parts. Element Six is one such renowned name in the design, development and production of synthetic diamond materials that finds it use in varied industries. The company has been a reliable name and has been offering supermaterial solutions for delivering extreme performance. Offering customized, innovative and high performance products to consumers, the business strives hard to provide excellent customer service.

Healthcare industry:

Synthetic diamond components are ideal to revolutionize the entire concept of non-invasive surgery. With the use of these diamond components, advanced fibre optics can deliver high power laser beams. The precise, bio-compatible tools can perfectly replace a traditional form of surgery nowadays. This would perfectly reduce the burden for patients and allow operation to be performed in a shorter time, which would be beneficial for patients, surgeons and the hospitals.

Consumer goods industry:

Synthetic diamonds are ideal to make speakers that can transform the quality of sound. A CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamond tweeter dome can deliver high quality of sound without any sort of distortion. Industrial diamonds have also the ability to cut or drill through almost anything. This can deliver a precision finish to your furniture and also finds its use in electrical household items like tablets and computers.

Aerospace industry:

Manufacturers always look for reduced weight and increase in fuel economy when it comes to building the right aircraft. Regarded as “supermaterial”, synthetic diamonds are known for their superior wear resistance and strong edge toughness. So, these components can be used in production, development and operation of modern day aircraft thereby saving money and providing reliable and efficient aircraft at the same time.

Construction industry:

Residential homes and commercial buildings always need to be made of hard, resistant material which can withstand any type of weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rainfall or heat. These supermaterial, or in other words synthetic diamond component can be used in polishing, drilling or cutting and thus making it a versatile material in construction industry.

Optics and thermal applications:

Industrial diamond, or in other words, synthetic diamonds are known for their thermal conductivity. Thermal management in electrical devices is an important concern as there is always a need to increase power densities. With the use of synthetic diamonds, device temperature can be lowered which can thereby increase the performance and reliability of the device. Synthetic diamonds find its use in high power laser optics. Minimizing the maintenance and downtime, this supermaterial never need replacement and can ensure constant productivity and performance at the same time.

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