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How to Successfully Decorate Your Home with a Black Colour Palette

by luxirare

Crisp white walls and bright open spaces are beautiful, and always will be, but gone are the days of all-white-everything. Many people are looking for a richer and more sophisticated colour palette for the home, with navy blue and black featuring more prominently than ever before.

Decorating with black doesn’t have to be scary, it’s a fantastic shade for setting a moody and mysterious vibe, and when paired with carefully chosen accents can result in a dramatic effect. Contrary to popular belief, darker shades don’t always have to make a room feel smaller either, depending on the tone they can create the illusion of an expanding space, making the room appear larger and more welcoming.

Window Treatments 

Black window treatments ground the rest of the room, bringing more depth to neutral-painted walls throughout the space. When selecting your window treatments, it’s best to layer a hard and soft treatment in contrasting colours for a refined look. If your hard layer, such as shutters or venetian blinds, is black, choose an airier colour for your soft layer. If your hard layer is white, consider a roman blind or curtain made from black fabric for a modern look.  

Wall to Wall 

Soft black hues can make a bedroom feel intimate and romantic in ways which you may never have previously achieved utilising lighter shades. If you’re wanting black walls but feel a full black space is too intense, off-set the wall colour with crisp white bedding and complimentary shades of neutral in carpets and accessories. If you’re feeling brave, go wall to wall for a super-dramatic look! 

Pretty Patterns

Statement wallpaper is a great way of adding a focal point to a room, and black based patterns are both bold and interesting. If you’re choosing a bold wallpaper, go for something with at least three other colours in it, as these colours can then be picked out within your soft furnishings and accessories. 

Fabulous Furniture 

With the right styling, high-finish black furniture can create a beautifully elegant interior space. Materials such as luxe velvet and high shine marble work particularly well when it comes to texture. And when it comes to hardware, gold and black are a match made in heaven, so look for pieces with gold metalwork for a complimentary look.

Bedroom Accents 

Black and pink are a match made in heaven and offer the perfect colour palette for a grown-up bedroom. By sticking to tones of muted grey, charcoal and black, the pastel pink is able to become the star of the space, without looking overbearing or garish. Add a mixture of textures, high shine lamps and cosy knitted throws, for a space that’s welcoming and inviting. 

Bold Bathroom 

Black is a great addition to any master bathroom and offers a brilliant opportunity to turn a simple and basic space into something bold and interesting. Tiling or vinyl in a striking black pattern makes for the perfect accompaniment to white amenities. Add a Crittal-style black painted shower door and black accessories for a contrasting look. 

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