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How to separate your workspace from your living space

by luxirare

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed many different challenges – not just to the health and mental wellbeing of the population. There have also been numerous financial and logistical obstacles to overcome.

One of the major changes to society has been the increased numbers working from home, as the authorities attempt to control the spread of the virus by asking the majority not to head into the workplace, where we are likely to come into contact with dozens of people.

Approximately 1.7 million people worked ‘mainly’ from home in 2019, but the Covid-19 outbreak has seen that number rise sharply. However, doing our jobs remotely also poses a number of challenges and can intensify our feelings of cabin fever. With that in mind, here are a few handy tips that may help you keep your workspace and your living space separate.

Get a proper set up

It remains to be seen how long we will be expected to work from home, but more than two months have already passed since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the initial lockdown. Having a proper set-up is paramount – hunching over on the sofa with your laptop on a coffee table is likely to cause back pain and any number of other problems. Instead, sit at a table or desk that is a comfortable height, and make sure you have a proper office chair that offers adequate lumbar support.

Use a separate room if possible

It depends on the layout of your home, but it can prove useful to work in a separate room, away from distractions such as your partner, the kids and the TV. Try and pick somewhere that is rarely used – such as a spare bedroom – and you can begin to think of it as your own little office.

Relax in other areas

If you’re forced to work in a space where you would usually unwind, such as your bedroom or lounge, try and find other places in the house to relax. Maybe you’ll seek solace in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, or perhaps you’ll make greater use of your outdoor space with a spot of gardening or a glass of something cool in the evening sunshine.

Don’t work beyond your normal hours

Everyone works at different times of the day, but most will have a point at which they decide their shift is over. For example, if you work a 9-5, don’t be tempted to sit at your laptop beyond that, just because you’re already home. If you were in the office, it’s likely you’d be up and heading out the door come 5pm, and there’s no reason it should be any different now.

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