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How to Prepare for Adventure After Lockdown

by luxirare

With lockdown dragging on for far longer than most of us anticipated, the urge to get out into the world and do something new might, by now, seem nigh-on uncontainable. The good news is that things are slowly returning to normal, with limited mingling between people now being permitted. 

Many of us might be craving the opportunity to lounge around beside a hotel pool, or on a sun-drenched beach. While an adventure overseas might still seem a distant prospect, and there’s no definite timeline in place, it’s still something that we might spend time preparing for. That way, when things do go back to normal, you’ll be ready to head out and explore the world’s wildernesses.


If you’re planning on hiking, then a suitable backpack is an absolute must-carry. A wheeled suitcase isn’t going to cut it when you’re traipsing up the side of an alpine foothill. Your backpack will need to provide room for all of the essentials, and ideally come with separate compartments that can be easily broken down, providing a chance for you to leave a potion of your belongings back at your accommodation while you’re off exploring the place.


The right clothing is essential if you’re going to be out in the wild all day. There’s nothing worse than a jumper that makes you sweat profusely, and yet can’t repel the wind when the weather changes. To be ready for every possible climate, go for multiple layers which repel the elements, allow for air circulation, and help your body temperature remain stable. For example, if you’re travelling up a mountain, then a pair of men’s or women’s thermals will help to keep your body temperature high without proving cumbersome. 

Of course, your clothing should also include a sturdy pair of boots. If your footwear isn’t up to standard, then you’ll spend most of your adventure in severe discomfort – which is enough to take the fun out of anything.

Personal Documents

Relying solely on digital versions of your travel documents will often backfire. Take a photo of all of your identification cards, and print out all of your hotel reservations, contacts and rental car information. That way if your phone goes missing, or breaks at the wrong moment, you won’t be stranded.

First Aid

If you’re going to be venturing far from the beaten track, then you’ll need to be prepared for every eventuality. That means packing a small first aid kit. Even if you don’t run into an emergency situation, the ability to address cuts and bruises may well prove incredibly useful.

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