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How to Plan a Luxurious Destination Wedding: 10 Top Tips

by luxirare

From a young age, many of us dream about how our wedding day will look. Once you’ve got engaged and are ready to tie the knot with your partner, planning and prepping for your big day can be a daunting task.

If you’ve decided that you both prefer to get married overseas, organising a destination wedding that is miles away from home can be overwhelming. Before you jet off to an exotic location to say ‘I do’, here are 10 top tips on how to make sure your destination wedding runs smoothly.

Pick a Meaningful Location

You will want to look back on your wedding day with fond memories, so it’s important that you pick a destination that has all the resources you need. Many couples choose to get married overseas in locations that mean something to them. Whether it’s where you spent your childhood summers, or where you first went as a couple on holiday, picking a destination that has sentimental meaning will make your big day extra special.

Invite Guests Well in Advance

One of the most important wedding tips that you need to address is when to notify your guests about your big day. Unlike getting married in your homeland, tying the knot overseas will take a lot of time and preparation. So that all your nearest and dearest can be by your side on your wedding day, you will need to establish the total cost of travelling to your ceremony, as well as reception. Even if money is no issue, it’s best to give your guests time to make plans for your big day

Consider Your Guests

To ensure your destination wedding runs according to plan, it’s important that your family and friends are well taken care of. It’s advised to put all your attendees in one reasonably affordable hotel. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you may want to find a less expensive spot further away from the destination. Make sure that you don’t set your wedding date until you are confident that there is room availability for all attending. 

Hire a Luxury Wedding Planner

If you’re struggling to bring everything together, you may want to enlist the help of a luxury wedding planner. It’s best to pick an expert who has experience in planning destination weddings across the world. That way, you can be confident that they will have everything taken care of, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping communication lines open from the beginning will ensure you get what you want out of your wedding day. Remember, your luxury wedding planner is there to help and provide guidance, so if you aren’t happy with a suggestion, make sure that you speak your mind. 

Visit the Area in Advance

Even once you’ve found your dream destination to get married in, it’s important that you pick a venue that accommodates your needs. Ideally, you should visit the venue in person first before you return for your big day. What looks good on paper may not fit what you want in real life, so it’s recommended that you and your partner visit the venue once or twice so you can be confident you’ve made the right decision. If you are unable to make a second trip, ensure that you arrive at your destination a few days in advance of your wedding day so you can make final decisions and have a hair and makeup trial. 

Pick Vendors 

Once you have settled on the right venue for your destination wedding, the next step is to pick vendors for your big day. Whether it’s catering, entertainment, or decorations, it’s important that you pick the right people for the job. If you’re unable to visit your destination before getting hitched, you can hire a band like Jam Hot, who are an international showband for hire. This means that they can travel with you to your destination wedding and provide top of the range live music for you and your guests. If you would like to hire a show band, Jam Hot is regarded as the premium choice for destination events and weddings.

Consider the Weather

If you are dreaming about getting married to your loved one on a sandy beach with a tropical climate, it’s important that you pick the right time and date for your destination wedding. Some of the most popular wedding destinations have unpredictable weather, so doing your research on the seasons will ensure you don’t have to fetch out raincoats for you and your guests! The last thing you want is for severe weather to spoil your special day, so having a solid idea of the weather seasons is key.

Consider Tourist Season

If the destination you’re planning to get married in experiences high volumes of tourists, you may struggle to get the vendors you need for your big day. Also, many couples want their wedding day to be peaceful and tranquil, so hosting your big day during a busy season will increase the chances of interruptions. If there is a major festival or convention taking place, it’s advised not to schedule your wedding alongside them. 

Research Local Marriage Requirements

Tying the knot in a different country is easier said than done. The legal side of things can be complicated, so it’s important that you research local marriage requirements to ensure you’re doing everything above board. Many countries have a residency requirement that requires you to reside in the country for a particular amount of time before your big day. While many countries only require you to be there for a few days beforehand, you need to be in France for at least 40 days before your wedding day! 

Be Patient

No matter how organised you are as a person, you can’t expect your wedding plans to be sorted overnight. Throughout the planning process, make sure that you and your partner communicate on every aspect of your big day. You may need to learn to compromise in order to keep each other happy.

Your wedding day is one that should be cherished and remembered for all the right reasons, so if you’re planning a luxury destination wedding, following all the tips above can help ensure everything goes without a hitch!

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