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How to Make Your Pool Look Like A Million Dollars

by luxirare

A luxurious looking pool adds many notches to your pool experience, not to mention the compliments that would come from guests who are visiting. But jazzing up a pool is not always an option for homeowners as luxurious makeovers like natural stone paving, wooden decking, porcelain tiles, theme landscaping, etc. are often quite expensive on the budget both in installation and maintenance. 

Does this mean you have to do with your drab, regulation installed pool? Not at all. There are lots of effective ways to get a beautiful and unique pool without impacting your budget. However, this does not mean that you compromise on the quality of work or safety features. Here are some valuable tips to make your pool look like a million dollars.

Choose clever materials

Stamped coloured concrete or stencilled concrete mimic natural stones and other slabs effortlessly at half the cost. With the right type of stencilled concrete, you can opt for a tropical or Mediterranean design theme for your poolside. Incorporate grass and sand features to save on paving, while also adding to the theme centric ambience of your pool.

Personalise your design

Adding your personal touch to the accessories and decoration of your pool is the best way to get a unique look for your pool. With the pool as the focal point, you can opt for cabanas, lounge chairs, exotic plants, pottery, statues, etc. for a resort feel.

Go colour bold

Opt for bold and unusual colours to finish your pool. For example, a green bottom or dark ocean blue. Anything other than routine blue would look striking. It will also open up décor options to match.

Light it up

Light fixtures add so much to the pool appeal. From underwater lights to decorative posts and ambient landscape lighting, lights can create a luxurious effect. LED light fixtures are as inexpensive as unlimited in range and variety.

Highlight the border

Delineating the pool from the rest of the backyard will instantly elevate the pool as a centrepiece and bring focus on the surrounding ambience. This is a sure-shot way to own an expensive-looking pool. Use different colour, material, or style for the pool edge coping, for instance, a tile border. Or you can place flower pots lining the edge too.

Maintain a clean pool

Nothing screams expensive and luxury as sparkling clean pool water. If your pool is mossy and the water looks even a bit murky, no amount of thoughtful décor can elevate its status. Your pool’s routine cleaning maintenance can add a lot to the million-dollar vibe. 

In essence, you must install and use an effective pool cleaning and chlorination system. 

There are different types of pool cleaners available to cater to various pool sizes and specifics. Pool maintenance is a breeze these days and quite affordable on the budget too. Rest assured, you can bank on this tip of maintaining a clean pool to make it look like a million dollars. For more help on these ideas, consult the experts.

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