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How to make your living room more comfortable and cosier

by luxirare

Although we all want our homes to be stylish and look appealing, it should primarily be somewhere to kick back and relax after a long day. This is especially important in the living room, where comfort is the top of our list! Think of a comfortable sofa you’ll sink into and a solid entertainment system.

However, the living room goes beyond fancy furniture and the latest TV. We’ve come up with some extra tips so that you get the most out of your room. 

  • Don’t worry about co-ordinating absolutely everything

The secret to making your room perfect is to make it imperfect. Don’t worry if not every little thing in your living room matches, comfort is about imperfection and relaxation. Things like accessories and art can keep your room stylish while still giving the impression that it’s okay to come in and relax.

  • Focus on the sofa

There’s no point in getting your living room completely perfect to then have nothing but a hard sofa to sit on. It’s the heart of the living room and what you look forward to greeting the most when you walk through the front door. This is the time where is it worth investing a lot in a good sofa where the stress falls away. The rest of the furniture can fit around the sofas, so make this the first thing you purchase! We only mean focus on this first in terms of furniture though, of course flooring and walls are the first renovations you should be considering! 

  • Make sure there’s extra seating

Although your lovely big sofa may be enough for you and your partner on a normal week day, it’s worth remembering that the living room is a common place to entertain guests. Therefore, you want to make sure there’s a place for everyone to sit – bean bags are always a good idea and arm chairs. If you have the space, a table and chairs. 

  • Think about different lighting options

Lighting isn’t just there to serve one purpose and practicality. Lighting is a great way to add decoration and cosiness. You want to get the perfect mix of an inviting allure while still being able to see sufficiently. Floor and table lamps in each corner of the room work well, lit dimly to give that beautiful soft glow. 

  • Be minimal

Although we’d always encourage anyone to fill their home with character and their own personal style, it is certainly possible to overdo it. Filling your living room with stuff can have the opposite effect of comfortable and actually feel rather claustrophobic. Don’t be afraid of clear surfaces, chances are things will get dumped on them anyway especially if you’re from a busy household – this also helps your room appear larger. 

  • Personalise!

While you need to be careful with not crowding your room, it is also important to make sure your room adheres to your taste. It’s well known you aren’t going to feel at home somewhere where you don’t like the surroundings. Family photos are a great place to start without running the risk of making your room tasteless. 

  • Pay attention to texture

This the key to comfort. Of course, we don’t want stiff cushions that feel like plastic. Fabrics such as velvet, cotton and satin not only look beautiful but are also very comforting. Don’t go too crazy with loads of different fabrics however, try stick to two! 

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