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How to keep your skin and hair healthy this winter

by luxirare

Cold weather can make your skin dry, irritated and sensitive. Harsh conditions strip your skin of its natural barriers and create gaps in its outer layer, allowing moisture to escape and irritants to get in. Your hair is also prone to this dryness and can end up brittle and frizzy in the winter months. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways to combat the winter itch and how it impacts your skin. 

Why does cold weather impact our hair and skin?

Although central heating is warm and cosy, it sucks the life out of your hair and skin. Central heating makes the air drier and causes your skin to become flaky, tight and itchy. Blasting your central heating can increase trans epidermal water loss and cause your skin’s barrier to degrade. Ouch! Moreover, snow enhances harmful UV rays, and the low humidity of cold weather strips a whopping 25% of your skin’s moisture. 

To combat the dreaded winter itch, try out these tips and tricks. 


Try using a hyaluronic acid serum followed by a rich moisturiser to replenish your skin’s moisture. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in water, making it the perfect skincare item for winter skin.  

Get a humidifier 

If you live in a freezing climate, it’s worth investing in a humidifier to combat the dry air. Opt for a soft cotton jumper to keep you toasty warm and your hair shiny. Avoid any abrasive or synthetic clothing as this will further irritate your skin. 

Drink plenty of water 

When it’s hot and sunny, we instinctively reach for our water bottles more often. However, eight glasses of water on a winter day can significantly improve your hair and skin as well. Choose water over hot chocolate and wine.

Avoid too much sugar 

Sugar is terrible for your hair and skin. It causes inflammation, redness and you guessed it, irritation. Choose oily foods, instead of your usual sugary snack. You also invest in fish oils, flaxseed oil and omega-3 supplements. 

Trim your hair often

Dry split ends can cause breakage all over your head. Try trimming your hair every four to eight weeks with professional hair clippers or scissors for the ultimate healthy hairstyle.

Lower the temperature of your shower 

A warm bath sounds lovely after a long day in the cold. Unfortunately, hot showers and baths strip your skin and hair of their natural oils. Try using bath oils to combat this or opt for a mild shower to keep your hair ultra-sleek. 


Face masks and hair masks are a perfect way to end a pamper evening. Apply a hair mask, ideally with argan oil, once a week to revitalise your hair and reverse any dryness from the week. 

You can use a face mask a little more often. If your skin is having a bad week, try sleeping in an overnight hydrating mask and wake up with glowing, hydrated skin!

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