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How to keep your positivity up during lockdown

by luxirare

Things are looking a little bleak for many of us right now, with the coronavirus pandemic still running rampant and lockdown still largely in effect, keeping us all not only from doing the things we enjoy but from those we love.

In such times, ‘keeping your chin up’ can be a tall order, but with a little help and positive thinking, it’s something we can all manage. Here are a few tips to help keep your spirits up during lockdown that won’t cost you a fortune or ruin your waistline.

Pay it forward with a gift – There is truly no gift like the gift of giving. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your own mental health and general well-being is to think about the mental health and general well-being of somebody close to you. So show somebody you love that you’re thinking about them by spoiling them with a gift. Send your loved ones some personalised chocolate gifts or perhaps a gift voucher for a day out together that you can all look forward to.

Learn to cook – It’s tempting at the moment to order takeaway every night, we know. However, this will not only end up costing your wallet but your health too, as takeaway food is typically laden with stodgy chemicals, salts and sugars. Instead, why not take this time to finally learn how to become an incredible cook? There are so many simple and effective recipes online and hundreds of online video tutorials, many of which are completely free to access. So there’s really no excuse.

Allow yourself to worry – There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting to yourself every once in a while that things are not OK right now. Staying positive 100% of the time would be pretty much impossible, so allow yourself those moments to reflect on your negative thoughts. Because sometimes, it’s OK to not be OK.

Stick to an exercise regime – Now that we’re allowed out more than once a day there is so much more you can be doing as far as your exercise regime is concerned. To ensure you stick to it and get the most out of it, draw up a strict timetable that you stick to on a regimented basis. It could also help to bring a little order back into your life amidst the chaos of coronavirus. And we’re not saying you can’t allow yourself to schedule the occasional day off at the weekend either!

Don’t do it alone – We can’t be physically close with our loved ones right now (other than those we live with, of course) but that doesn’t mean we have to remain as isolated islands. Schedule regular Zoom chats, phone your parents every other day and play online games with your friends. Because none of us are going to be able to get through this alone. We have to learn how to be alone together!

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