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How to increase garden privacy

by luxirare

Sometimes all I want is to be able to get out of bed and go to my garden in my pyjamas to enjoy the lovely fresh air. I want to have a good cup of coffee and not be judged by my neighbours by the way I look straight out of bed. It’s not really something we want our neighbours to see, right? At the same time, you could say… why bother? That’s easier said than done – most of us want to look our best in front of others. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my neighbours but there is a time and a place for everything. My morning routine is my morning routine and I want to enjoy it without worrying about prying eyes looking at what I am doing or what I’m not doing.

So, I started to think about how to make my garden more private. Were there ways to increase privacy in my garden? Could we create an outdoor retreat that prevented my neighbours from being able to see into my garden? Yes and yes! I found plenty of ways to create more privacy in my garden and today, I’m going to share some ideas with you!

Add a garden fence.

A tall garden fence is a simple and quick way to shield parts of your garden from curious eyes. However, don’t add just any fence. Install a good quality fence that’s going to adorn your garden for many years to come. A good quality fence that will not only offer privacy but also safety. UK fixings supplier, Speedy Fixings recommend post shoes to your garden fence to make them stronger and add extra support. 

Post shoes also protect wooden posts from insect damage, fungal damage and water damage. Plus, as Pretty Big Butterflies mentions post shoes also add a decorative element to a standard wooden fence – from a simple rustic wooden fence to a visually interesting rustic wooden fence with an industrial look.

Plant your way to privacy.

This article on Love the garden recommends planting a fast-growing hedge to turn “your garden into a secluded oasis, or just block out your view of passing traffic.” Some of their top hedge plant ideas, include Cherry Laurel, Bay Laurel, Privet, Leylandii and Bamboo. Planting one of these hedging plants will also add texture and interest to your landscape.

Planting trees in your garden will also give your garden some much-needed privacy. As Homify mentions, “if you have the space and a suitably green thumb you can essentially plant some tall growing varieties of blooms and let them thicken out, thereby creating a private little haven for you.” Smaller trees near the places where you want privacy the most are also a good idea to add if you have space – these will keep you sheltered and provide a space away from view.


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