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How to host the perfect afternoon tea

by luxirare

I’m a big fan of afternoon tea. I love getting dressed up and enjoying some delicious food and tea with my friends or family. I don’t think that you need an excuse to go for afternoon tea – it’s good to treat ourselves from time to time, right? However, with everything that is going on with the world, I don’t feel as comfortable going out for my lovely afternoon tea as I used to be. 

Yes, the restrictions are lifting and we will soon be able to start going to our favourite cafes once again. However, I think I’ll wait a little bit before I go to crowded indoor spaces again. So, I’ve decided to host my own afternoon tea – I want to recreate my favourite foods, invite my closest friends and throw the best afternoon tea ever! How do host the perfect afternoon tea? Here are some of my tips.

Upgrade your garden furniture.

What is a garden with old, rusty and uncomfortable garden furniture? A garden you don’t use. So, why have a garden if you aren’t using it? Make the most out of your garden and ensure that your guests and comfortable by upgrading your garden furniture. Elements Home and Garden outdoor furniture will be everything you need and much more! This family-run business supply luxurious and high-quality garden furniture that will adorn your outdoors for many years to come.

Serve delicious food.

Good company and good food are the foundation of a fabulous afternoon tea. Even though a pot of brewed tea with milk is the must-have for any afternoon tea, the choices of food can vary. As Delishably explains in this article, there are various types of afternoon tea, from cream tea with scones to full afternoon tea with savoury sandwiches, scones and a variety of desserts, and even champagne tea (my favourite!).
Set the scene.

Before you start putting up the furniture and laying out the table, Janine Huldie recommends giving your garden a good clean-up. If you have extra time Janine recommends sprucing up your whole garden by giving your garden shed some love too! “Declutter everything you have there, make three piles – one for charity, another to sell and the last one for things that are only good for the bin. Once this is done, give your garden shed a new lick of paint!”

Theme it. 

Once your garden is up to scratch, it’s time to decorate your outdoor space. Why not have fun with it and theme your afternoon tea party? As Ideal Magazine mentions, “If you really want to transport people to another time and place, offer escapism in the form of a theme; and should you change the theme with each event, it will keep things fresh and exciting (and keep people coming back for more, too!).”

Think about safety and hygiene.

Safety and hygiene are essential to keep everyone safe and healthy. Remember to keep a safe from everyone and offer your guests a place to wash their hands. “When indoors is off limits to people from other households, it’s important to have hand sanitiser at the ready for your guests to use.” comments Sparkles and Stretchmarks in this blog post.

Do you have any tips on how to host the perfect afternoon tea?

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