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How to Have a Luxurious Wedding

by luxirare
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You’ve got the dress and you feel beautiful, but how else can you make your big day even more special? If you love the look of a luxurious wedding but don’t quite have the bank balance to accommodate, these wedding planning tips will have you and your guests living the high life for a night without going over budget.

Choose a Venue with Character

Not all luxurious weddings have to take place in a church, it’s easy to find somewhere that looks just as good with its own character. Museums, libraries and hotels are often available to hire for events, and with the right decoration they can look stunning. The unique charm of an unconventional venue will make you and your guests feel like this luxurious wedding is truly one of a kind. A big benefit to this choice is that often they’re not too expensive to hire, and some hotels – if you want that option – even do deals where you can have the ceremony, the reception, the afterparty and stay the night without having to move from venue to venue.

Get Luxury Transport

There are plenty of transport options available to give off those luxury vibes. The most popular – and visually impressive! – of these options are a horse drawn carriage or a limo for the bride and groom followed by fancy rental cars for guests. Whether you want a mini bar or a disco ball there are a number of different limousine services available so you can choose the perfect one for you. There are plenty of transport options available like Limo Find to give off those luxury vibes. Once decorated with wedding flowers, everyone on the street will know it’s your big day – just check with the company if you can use decorations before you buy – and the transport will be an asset to your photos, rather than an eyesore.

Fabulous Food

Give the reception a classy feel by giving your guests a set menu rather than a buffet. A long rectangular table will give off more sophisticated vibes, decorated with beautiful flowers and paired with a shantung or pintuck table runner, this layout is sure to give a high luxury feel at a low price.

High Energy Afterparty

The ceremony is over, the reception went well, now it’s time to celebrate. Just because this is an informal get together it doesn’t mean it can’t be classy. An inexpensive yet beautiful way to decorate the afterparty venue is with simple fairy lights, this small decoration will shock you with the transformation it can achieve. If you can’t afford a whole band, luxury can still be achieved by a solo musician. This cheaper option is just as special and there are wonderful artists that can perform any genre you want. To keep the guests partying deep in to the night, have some snacks and nibbles on offer, and don’t forget the drinks!

It can be easy to think that a luxurious wedding is hard to achieve without spending over your budget. We know how important your big day is to you, so these tips are sure to help you achieve the beautiful day you’ve imagining for months, without spending millions.

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