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How To Get Your Partner To Change Their Bad Habits

by luxirare

No matter how hard we try, nobody’s perfect! We all have little bad habits that we’re not proud of. I’m sure all of you can name one or two things you do that you know you should stop. Likewise, you can definitely reel off a long list of bad habits your partner possesses! Taking care of your own bad habits is one thing, but how can you get your partner to stop theirs? Firstly, I’d question whether or not it bothers you that much. If there’s no harm done and you can live with it, there’s no point bringing it up. Let them have their bad habits and they’ll let you have yours. 

However, for those habits that you simply can’t live with, try these ideas to get them to stop:

Openly address the issue

The first step is to address the elephant in the room. Your partner might be unaware of their bad habit, so it’s good to let them know about it. If you’re lucky, they’ll exclaim in disbelief that they do such a thing. They’ll feel embarrassed and instantly work towards cutting it out. That’s the ideal situation, and it rarely happens. Still, it helps to talk about the bad habit and explain why it bothers you. This could wake your partner up and encourage them to make changes. 

Help them find alternatives

This is a smart idea in situations where a bad habit is hard for someone to quit. Smoking is the best example of this – your partner can’t just quit overnight. However, you can help them find alternatives to this bad habit. Think about getting them a SMOK vaping kit that they can use instead of smoking. It helps them kick the bad habit without suffering too much. This idea won’t work with every bad habit as some don’t have alternatives. My advice is to think about any possible alternatives and put them forward to show you’re willing to help. 

Strike a bargain

If all else fails, you can strike a bargain with your partner. My favourite idea is asking them to point out one of your bad habits. You can do this when you initially address their bad habit. Let them know that you’re fully aware you aren’t perfect. Ask if you do anything that really grinds their gears. If they come up with something, you can strike a bargain where you both agree to quit these bad habits. This way, both of you stand to gain something by quitting. It can also be a good challenge to have as a couple, and you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it will be for your relationship

At the end of the day, bad habits can be a thorn in your side for many years. It’s never a good idea to let things go if they genuinely annoy you. If you don’t care, that’s fair enough. But, you should speak to your partner and get them to cut out their bad habits if it really bothers you and harms the relationship.

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