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How to Drop a Dress Size in a Snap

by luxirare

Want to lose one dress size by the summer? It’s right around the corner. Here’s how to get it done by making stupid-simple changes to your daily life.

 Get a Tummy Tuck

OK, this sounds drastic, but services offered through clinics are a simple way to eliminate loose skin after dramatic weight loss, or just extra fat that you can’t seem to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. It’s also the easiest – if not costliest – option since it doesn’t require you do anything different from what you’re doing now.

Stop Eating Processed Foods

Changing your diet can have a dramatic difference on your weight, and it doesn’t take long to see changes. It can also make you feel better. Cut out processed foods, sugar, and anything that you would commonly think of as “junk food.”

That means skip the buttered movie popcorn, stop drinking sodas, take it easy on the hamburgers, and when you do choose to eat out, stick with complex carb choices and simple meat dishes without a lot of “fluff” like wheat fillers and sugar. In other words, opt for bunless hamburgers and simple chicken breast meals instead of baby back ribs, meatloaf (which usually contains breadcrumbs and sugary glazes), and battered anything.

Control Portion Sizes

Reduce your portion sizes. This will help you cut overall calories. So, instead of a a second serving of food, stick to just one serving. That’s an easy change you can make today.

Eat More Fiber

When you cut portion sizes, you have to replace it with something else. Fiber is that something else. People who cut portion sizes sometimes feel deprived. That’s because they’re not replacing those calories with anything so they’re basically starving themselves. Not good.

Fibrous foods, like leafy green vegetables, are a great way to fill in for high-calorie foods. But, don’t forget foods like lentils and beans, which are really high in fiber and nutritious to boot.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water will help you fill up faster so that you don’t eat as much. Drink throughout the day, and finish a meal with water. You could optionally try drinking a full 8 oz before a meal, though this can cause indigestion in some people because it can dilute stomach acid.

Drink Caffeine Before Your Walk

Caffeine is thermogenic. If you have a cup or take 200mg of caffeine before a morning walk, you’ll be putting your fat-burning mechanisms on overdrive. Work up to it slowly if you’re not already a caffeine addict. But, be warned – there is an upper limit to this trick. The point of diminishing returns is at about 600 mg per day of caffeine. That’s about 2 to 3 cups of strong coffee.

Work Out 2x Per Week

Exercise, especially weight lifting, can help ramp up your metabolism. Walk, run, sprint, and lift weights, at least twice a week, and you’ll find it much easier to lose weight. It will also increase your appetite, which is OK if you’re filling up on fiber.


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