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How to Decorate Walls with Tapestries

by luxirare

Do you have several empty walls in your home or office, which you would like to cover in an artistic manner? Well, in case you want something else than the traditional painting hung on a wall, you should direct your attention toward tapestries. There are numerous tapestries for your wall to choose from and you’ll be surprised to find out just how versatile tapestries are. In the following lines, you will discover numerous ways in which you can use tapestries to get a beautiful accent wall and make good use of dull, bare walls.

  • Use nails to obtain a rustic touch

Tapestries can be easily fixed on a wall with the help of nails or, if you prefer, pushpins. However, bear in mind that this method is more suitable for large pieces because smaller ones can suffer unwanted and unaesthetic holes. Even by using this single method, you can obtain two different looks. In case you prefer having your tapestry draped, hang its corners only. This will make the middle section fold easily. Or, if you want the tapestry straight, use nails or pushpins on the entire upper edge, from one corner to the other.

  • Use a wooden frame for a more artistic feeling

You can easily turn a tapestry into a work of art if you choose to stretch it over a wooden frame. This can be a suitable option for custom tapestries because you will make them pop. Just make sure the frame is large enough for the tapestry. You will need the tapestry to go well over the edges of the frame, fixing it to the frame with a staple gun.

  • Did you ever think about Velcro?

Would you like tapestries on the walls, but you’re not sure if it’s going to be a long-term setup? People living in rented places often avoid decorating the walls of the property. Well, with the help of Velcro, you can conveniently decorate an empty wall, without making it permanent and without the risk of damages. As a tip, this method works great on curved walls, on which you can’t use any kind of decorative item. Just make sure to choose self-adhesive Velcro, for an effort-free fixing.

  • Use a rod with your tapestry

You can use any kind of rod you like to hang tapestries, as long as the rod is long enough. You can even choose the kind of rods used for hanging curtains if you find a model you like. This solution can create a fantasy headboard for your bed or it can be turned into a nice artistic touch behind the sofa.

  • Create a dream-like canopy

The ceiling is, in most cases, the most disregarded part of a house. It remains bare and unused due to obvious reasons. However, there are ways to use the ceiling in a way that will add more style to the room. For instance, you can choose to hang a tapestry on the ceiling, which will create a beautiful canopy, and all of this without having to modify the architecture of your bed. With the help of nails, you can give it the desired shape. But, for this kind of project, you could use larger tapestries, capable of covering a good part of the ceiling and wall.

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