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How to Decorate a Beautiful Playroom Using Arts & Crafts

by luxirare
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Arts & crafts are an excellent way to personalise a playroom. Your children are probably already making quite a few arts & crafts, and if so, you’ll need a place to put them. The challenge can be finding ways to integrate them into the décor without making it look cluttered. Here are a few tips on how to decorate a beautiful playroom using arts & crafts.

Decorate with Photographs

We already decorate extensively with family photographs. Consider using some of your child’s photographs to decorate the playroom. You could show off the pictures in various frames the child has made or create frames together to hold the pictures. For example, you could make shadow-frame boxes with your child. You could go on a site like Raaaft to get the materials needed. Or have canvas prints made; these are better for playrooms than pictures in glass frames, since they aren’t as likely to be damaged when hit by a flying toy. Mix in handprints and other memorabilia your child made with the photos to create an attractive display.

Decorating with Children’s Art

Your kids may be bringing home art from school or nursery, or they may be making it at home. For this project, store the art in a box until you have a large stack. Then you’re ready to start.

You could create homemade wallpaper from your child’s artwork. This is a great way to both use the art and personalise the play space. You’d simply use the decoupage technique, gluing the artwork or pieces of it to the wall.

Another option is creating a progression of artwork that your child has made over the years next to, above or underneath the child’s photo progression. Now the artwork your child made as a toddler is next to their toddler picture, while pre-school art is near their pre-school photo. You could string up a literal piece of string or rope and clip art to it if you don’t want to glue, tape or staple things to the wall next to the photo frames.

Track Your Child’s Growth

Growth charts are commonly used to track a child’s growth. You can turn the growth chart into an artistic display. Use the large growth chart as a pin-up board, attaching a mix of pictures and artwork created by the child. The side benefit of using a hanging growth chart as an art holder is that you can take it with you when you move; those marks on the door frame probably stay with the house. If you don’t have a growth chart, you can make one using canvas or vinyl wall decals. If you’re planning on staying in the house, you could even paint the wall of the playroom to create a growth chart.

There are a variety of ways to decorate a playroom with your child’s art that personalise the space without cluttering it. You can integrate the child’s artwork into displays and items you probably already have in the playroom, as well.

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