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How to Add Value to Your Home with a Loft Conversion

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A good way to increase the value of your property is by converting your loft into an extra room. Loft conversions are actually listed among the top ways of increasing the value of your property in the UK. On average, it will add 21% to the value of your home. This figure will vary depending on your location in the country. Generally, your loft conversion will be worth more as you move closer to the capital city.

Before you convert your loft into a bedroom, you should check the current value of your home. Homes worth less than £100,000 will appreciate by a very small amount, and this may not be worth the investment. It is important to notify your insurer before starting the process. 

Use the Loft Conversion to Balance Out Your House 

A loft conversion should help you balance out your house. If you have a large living space but limited bathrooms and bedrooms, a conversion will help you create a balance in your home. At the same time, conversions will add an extra source of natural light to your home.

Make sure you correctly position and angle the windows in the new room. If you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms, you can convert the loft to a home office, a movie room, or even a den. Depending on your location, it may be necessary to insulate your loft

Is Your Loft Suitable for a Conversion? 

If your loft has a head height of less than 2.3 metres, it is not suitable for conversion. You can increase the head height by removing part or all of the roof. However, this will add to the overall cost of the conversion. Another option is to lower the ceiling of the room below your loft. This is not usually a good solution as it is even more expensive. Besides the head height of the loft, you should also consider the obstacles and the pitch of the roof. 

The Different Types of Loft Conversions 

There are six main types of loft conversions. They include: 

• Rooflight loft conversions- These conversions primarily involve the addition of windows. This is the cheapest conversion you can make. 
• Dormer loft conversions- These conversions involve the addition of large flat-roofed dormers. Dormer conversions are very popular in the UK as they are very easy to implement. 
• Hip to gable loft conversions- In these conversions, the sloping side of the roof is removed and a straight wall is erected. 
• Gable to gable loft conversions- For this conversion, you will need to add a box extension that spans the space between each gable end. 
• Mansard loft conversions- These conversions involve the replacement of the sloping roofs with steep sides. You will also need to install a flat roof. 
• Modular extension loft conversions- This  conversion is necessary in cases where the existing space is unsuitable for conversions. The rooms are manufactured off-site and installed to the loft. You can read more about the differences between traditional lofts and modular ones here


Loft conversions can help you increase the space and balance in your house. They are also great investments as they can significantly increase the value of your home. Before starting the conversions, you should check the head height of the room and any surrounding obstacles. Also, you need to make sure you select a suitable type of loft conversion.

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