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How Should Men Wear Jewelry Which Complements their Lifestyle?

by luxirare

If anyone thought that jewelry was only for girls and not for men of power, then they only need to take a look at the history of kings and men of nobility from bygone eras. Very few of them were shy about showing off jewelry, as the rings, necklaces and even earrings often represented their royal/noble status. Of course, we do not have too many kings and noblemen around today, and covering yourself overwhelmingly in gold, silver and precious gems is only acceptable if you are a famous rapper!

That being said, there are men’s jewelry items, even today, that can be worn by anyone as long as the piece has been crafted with skill, is chosen carefully by the buyer, and worn to complement the right attire. Keeping sophistication, luxury and men’s fashion in mind, here’s a small introduction to how men can wear jewelry for accentuating and complementing their fashion and position.

Add Meaning to Your Silver Dog Tag Necklace

The silver dog tag necklace entered civilian fashion in the 1940s and has since evolved to be utilitarian and meaningful pieces of men’s jewelry over the following decades. The same personal and medical information on ID tags which aided wounded soldiers could also aid civilians in the same way today, if they are unfortunate enough to be in an accident or be injured due to some other reason.

Although the silver dog tag necklace is not tied exclusively to the armed forces or even just men anymore, civilians should be careful to make sure that their dog tag has the most relevant information on them regarding who they are, emergency contacts and preexisting medical conditions.

If you are a veteran or related to someone who was in the military, wearing a silver dog tag necklace becomes a bit more meaningful and deep as well. Browse silver dog tag necklaces on Stephen David Leonard and take your pick from their curated collection. Don’t forget to get them engraved with the essentials, and while you are at it, also go through the collection of men’s cuff bracelets on SDL. These sophisticated bracelets made exclusively for men are the next jewelry item on our list…

Men’s Cuff Bracelet

The idea behind the men’s cuff bracelet is to create a point of accent on your attire for the day, as well as to make sure that the style suits your own personality. A few tips for both choosing and wearing the male cuff bracelet can be highlighted as follows:

  • The business suit, navy blazers and formal clothing in general would benefit most from a luxurious, silver bracelet
  • Leather jackets, jeans and leather bracelets are a classic informal, rugged combination
  • Roped and beaded bracelets should only be reserved for younger generations with an ultra-casual fashion sense
  • Ensure that your metal bracelet doesn’t slide too much and fits well on your cuff


If there was one piece of men’s jewelry that was never considered to be feminine, then that would be the ring. From signet rings and wedding rings, to the rings of clergymen and kings; they have always held a sense of power about them on leading male figures.

Across different cultures, ages and different religions, various precious gemstones carried by the ring have also been considered to be of most importance. For example, diamond and opal rings are believed in western astrology to be the gems for those born in October, while in Indian astrology, enigmatic blue sapphires are considered to be the most powerful gemstones in the world. From a fashion standpoint however, your focus should be on two aspects while selecting your rings of power:

  • In what design the gold/silver/platinum is being fashioned
  • How the color of your chosen ring’s metal and gem is complementing your attire for the day

Also, it should be noted that men’s rings are usually a bit wider than that of women, which is how men’s rings immediately set themselves apart. This will also make your ring more expensive, but that’s par for the course here.

There is ample room to bend traditions today and set forth your own style language, but it should always be in harmony with your own personality, sense of dressing and/or professional persona. If you are new to men’s jewelry, take your time and choose something small but profound. Just like any other aspect of fashion in general, it will take some time for you to get used to pairing the right type of jewelry with the right occasion. In due time and after a fair bit of practice though, you will learn to make sure that each piece of jewelry you own can be used to perfectly reflect your confident and powerful sense of dressing. What will you choose to complement your outfit?

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