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The base of your wardrobe: How many of each?

by luxirare
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Besides the list (useful I hope) with the pieces that should compose the base of your wardrobe, I also thought to tell you how many of each you will need. Okay, do have in mind that the following list is equal to the minimum necessary – it is never a bad idea to have more!

Pullovers – 4 (2 for wearing at the office, during spring/autumn; 2 for the week-end)

T-shirts – 7 (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, polo T-shirts, tank tops, and so on)

Coats – 4 (an elegant mantle, a sport coat, a classic trench, and a coat you can wear both during the day and the evening – but don’t make it a black classic overcoat!)

Tops – 2 for every pair of pants and skirt in your dresser (1 elegant top and 1 casual top)

Pants and skirts – 4 of every category (2 for the office, and 2 casual)

Suit/tailor-made suit – 1 (made out of an all-season material, which you can wear just like that or as separate pieces)

Dresses – 5 (2 for wearing during the day, 1 short dress for a cocktail party, 1 long dress for special occasions, and 1 super-special, for those moments when you want to take a guy’s breath away)

Jeans – 4 (1 with a slim cut for a chic/trendy outfit; 1 with a relaxed/boot-cut/boyfriend cut for those days when you are lazy to wear anything else; 1 slightly longer than your ankles for shoes without heels; 1 with long legs for high heel shoes)


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