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How to Maintain Healthy Hair: Hair Care Tips You’ll Love

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Hair isn’t just strands of keratin fiber that sprout from our heads to help us stay warm. The best hair care routines promote healthy looking hair from the inside and out. Having a proper hair care regimen is key to achieving that beautiful, lush mane most women want.Our hair  is part of our identity. It’s one of the ways that we express personality for all the world to see. We cut, color and style our hair to create a look that reflects who we are.

Getting the hair you’ve always wanted isn’t always easy. Everything from the weather to brushes to DNA effect how our hair looks naturally. Luckily, technology is helping us overcome nature and tame our manes.

It seems like anything is possible these days with a knowledgeable stylist and the right hair care tools. You may have a bit of sticker shock at the salon, but achieving the perfect coif is possible even if you have unruly hair.

Perfecting the Length – A person’s hair growth (anagen) phase can last anywhere from 2-6 years. For people with short cycles, it can be impossible to grow long locks. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with short styles. High-quality Wigs With Natural Color, can add inches in a matter of hours instead of years. 

Perfecting the Texture – Whether you have curly locks that need straightening or the exact opposite, there are ways to change the texture of hair. Brazilian blowouts have gotten a lot of attention in recent years and perms are making a comeback. Stylists are also using perm solutions with super-sized rollers to create hair that’s permanently wavy.

Perfecting the Color – Achieving beautiful color is as much about technique as it is the products that are used. Balayage hair color, a technique that requires hand painting on the dye, is popular because it creates a dimensional, natural color that’s easier to maintain.

As you can imagine, altering your hair in these ways can result in damage. Hair that is processed and styled on a regular basis can become weak and fragile. Mastering your mane may require the assistance of a stylist, but it all starts with proper hair care at home.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair and Extensions

Once you’ve gotten the hair of your dreams maintenance is needed to keep it that way. Use the tips below to put together a rock solid hair care routine.


Have a short anagen hair growth phase? If you wear hair extensions it will influence your hair care routine. To extend their life as long as possible, you need to use products that are designed to be used with extensions. For example, oil-based products could cause glue-in and tape-in extensions to slip.  


Caring for your hair in the summer is going to require different products and processes compared to the winter. Switching up your hair care is necessary to address seasonal problems like humidity and increased sun exposure.


Heat styling can make your hair look great for a day, but high temperatures can fry hair follicles. It’s best to take a break from the hot tools for a day or two after styling your hair. When you do use hot tools make sure to apply a heat protectant product first.


Another insider tip for using hot tools is to first consider the thickness of your hair. If your hair is fine, keep temperatures to 250 degrees or less. And never crank the temperature all the way up to 400 (the highest setting on most hot tools). Lower temperatures work just as well and are less likely to damage your hair.


Because hair is dead it gets dried and dull very easily, especially if you use hot tools frequently. A hair oil, like Moroccan oil, is one of the best ways to keep hair hydrated. After towel drying your hair, work a few drops of oil through the damp hair. Start with the tips, which tend to be the driest.


One of the biggest problems for people with long hair is getting strands tangled. When hair gets tangled it’s more likely to break and cause split ends. You can avoid a snarled situation by putting your hair in a single, loose braid before bed.


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