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How Lawrence of La Brea Animates the Minimalist Home

by luxirare

Who doesn’t love rugs? If there is one accessory that can instantly change your living room at a very low cost, is it the rug. Rugs are often an afterthought in interior design, but for many, they’re an essential feature that draws everything else together. They add texture and coziness, and they make spaces feel instantly homier and more appealing to those around. They also anchor a room giving focus and character – and, in open-plan spaces, they can be used to break up the “zone” and floor plan areas with different functions.

Take Lawrence La Brea rugs – in seconds, this collection turns a minimalist style-conscious living room into a boho boudoir heaven of warmth and color. More often than that, Lawrence of La Brea rugs are used to highlight the minimalism fondness of symmetry, clean lines, and a sense of space, but also the bold and the unexpected.

The 2021 home interior design trends place a lot of accent on minimalism, more precisely on Japandi. A hybrid that unites both the modern flair of Scandinavian design and the timeless elegance of a Japanese aesthetic. The reason? A minimal home can be both warm and welcoming without the excess and the allure of the chunky rugs or imposing furniture. Not only that, but with so many of us becoming familiar with the insides of our homes, we believe it is enough to have surroundings that feel comfortable. 

Yet, a minimal but warm and welcoming living-space doesn’t necessarily have to follow early 2000’s total white and clean-lines of minimalism, and rather a new style that is more related to the need to simplify. 

This “new normalcy” made us better appreciate a space where we can find serenity and calm, where we can unwind and forget about the problem for a short while. We, therefore, feel the need to free ourselves from the excess and simplify our home, focusing on the things that are really essential or that have a memory or a meaning for us. 

Rugs for Every Dance of Life

Los Angeles-based Lawrence of La Brea made sure his brilliant, refined, and thoroughly unique collection of textiles and rugs are passionately winning over new and most appreciated trends. 

The 2021 interior design trends emphasize the importance of the individual and minimalist style, so Lawrence of La Brea is here to encourage it. As a time-bounded culture, minimalism design has taken over various facets of life – including interior design. 

Geometric patterns and neutral hues have been the trend for a while, and Lawrence of La Brea’s Modern Moroccan rugs have found a homely fit within the trend. Such style suits those who need a subtle take on comfort and luxury without encouraging the excess. Not only that, but it reminds us of Japandi – and the need for function-driven spaces defined by the rich yet warm color pallet of the oriental style.  

Lawrence of La Brea collection has inmate stories behind their craftsmanship, which ultimately add life and value to each and every rug. Not only do they guarantee sustainability feels and durability, but they are meant to reduce toxic chemicals in your home. 

Good Fibers Spark Joy 

Along with the wave of minimalist trend, Lawrence recognizes the people’s need for natural materials that fill their homes with joy and life. Hillary Duff and Ashley Tisdale also advocate the importance of living a more environmentally conscious and minimalist lifestyle – they find Lawrence’s rug collection worthy and indispensable in a home full of toddlers. Rugs that are made of natural fibers offer earthy touches that give homes a minimalist yet rustic and cozy feel.

Seagrass and jute rugs occupy the top spots for natural fiber rugs in 2021 as they’re often left in natural brown hues and soft to touch, contrary to their earthy texture.

What’s more, natural fibers like seagrass are stain – and water-resistant, making them ideal for homes with pets and children.

On the other hand, flat waves weave rugs present a bold contrast to traditional rugs because they are made without any knots at all – however, they do feature bold colors and geometric patterns. In contrast to more traditional ones, the Lawrence of La Brea flat weaves rug collection is made of lightweight materials that make them easy to switch up every so often. Not to mention they’re incredibly affordable.

Rugs for Simple Living Styles

There is a misconception that a zero-waste, simple living home cannot keep up with the new trends or be frequently changed. 

But that’s not the case, especially when the winning trends center around several concepts that are integral to simple living too. That’s why we love the concept of Japandi in 2021. 

The concept has long been about doing more with less and uncovering the essential without sacrificing comfort. But the addition of the Japanese style into the Scandinavian modern flair combined with the uniqueness of the Lawrence of La Brea collection creates a more Zen living space. Not only that, but it pushes people to rely more on natural, handmade and sustainable materials.

Some people love simple. And we get it. But just because some like rooms that are more about the “space” than the “substance” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better without. The world of interior design is constantly finding ways to reinvent the industry by bringing back the trends or marrying them together. You might say, well, minimalist sparks joy and all, but there’s one thing everyone oversees: Minimalism is the easiest way to showcase the sustainable side of statement pieces like lovely rugs that exude crisp and clean lines, add texture and character to home through its subtle styling. 

With minimalism, be it classic or hybrid Japandi, each piece is of utter importance. And as expected, natural textures, less clutter, and neutral or warm colors are here to stay and advocate memorable moments in spaces with less but more essential pieces. 


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