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How Heated Towel Warmers can enhance your Home

by luxirare
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Approaching the summer, now is an ideal time to update the appearance of your home. And to enhance functionality while adding a touch of class to your property, hydronic heated towel warmers are a perfect choice. Suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, or even just an empty wall space in a hallway or landing area, towel racks can greatly improve the look of your room, and offer a practical solution to keep your towels dry and warm, maintaining a comfortable temperature within your chosen space.

A Versatile Heating Solution

Typically incorporating an attractive sleek design, hydronic heated towel warmers boast striking aesthetics, and are available in a wide variety of stylish finishes, including chrome, black, white and anthracite. As such, they can be teamed with almost any décor; their minimalist profile also assisting in maximizing space.

Modern and traditional towel warmers are available too, and either type of model will provide a designer edge to your home. More than a simple means to heat your towels as the moniker suggests, towel racks can be used for the storage of clothing, washcloths and other items – as well as offering an even distribution of warmth throughout the area they are positioned in. Indeed, hydronic heated towel warmers tend to deliver an excellent heat output, especially impressive for such compact components.

A Brilliant Budget Heating Choice

Although an investment in hydronic heated towel racks brings with it a multitude of advantages, they still regularly prove a more budget-friendly heating solution than several alternatives. But the type of towel warmer you opt for will dictate just how big of an impact it will have on you financially.

At the bottom end of the price range, standard towel warmers are available, which need to be connected to a central heating system to function properly. The main drawback to these models is that they require your full home heating switching to be turned on, even if you only wish to heat the room in which your towel rack is located.

On the market for a more premium price point, electric towel warmers make use of energy from your in-house electrical system, enabling you to heat a single specific area as opposed to the entire home. Dual fuel towel racks work alike to this, and whilst these types require a bigger initial outlay, the way they operate means they can save you money in the long run on energy bills and the like.

As hydronic heated towel warmers grow in popularity, so too does the variety of different designs on the market. Overall, they’re far more affordable as a result, so no matter which style you prefer, you’ll be able to identify a value model well within your budget.

Don’t miss out on one of the must-have home essentials for 2018 – shop a superb towel warmer collection to give your space a stunning refresh for less.

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