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How Can You Live a Healthy Life While Still Having Fun?

by luxirare

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to involve giving up all of your favourite things; you don’t need to survive on rabbit food, or spend every spare moment in the gym. Life is all about balance, being healthy is important but so is enjoyment. If you can, find healthy and enjoyable things you love as that’s ideal but otherwise it’s about give and take. Here are some of the ways you can live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life and all of its treats and joys.

Find an exercise you enjoy

Just the word ‘exercise’ is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many. Maybe when you picture working out, it’s running in the rain at 6am before work, or exercising in a sweaty, crowded gym that springs to mind. But it doesn’t have to be this way, exercise really can be enjoyable. If you’re into sports, why not join a local club and play football or basketball. You could play tennis or badminton against a friend, or join a dance class. You could go swimming, trampolining, horse riding- the list is endless! Even days out can be great exercise, travel to a new place at the weekends and explore on foot. Go and shop til you drop, or enjoy running around a theme park with your kids which will all add up when it comes to the steps. It’s easy to stay active and burn calories when it’s something you enjoy, you’re so much more likely to stick to it too. So have a think about what will get you up and moving, and if at any point your workout feels like a punishment then it’s a sign you need to do something else. Exercise is good for mind, body and soul- it shouldn’t feel like torture!

Go on an 80/20 eating plan

An 80/20 eating plan is where you eat healthily around 80% of the time, and the remaining 20% you can enjoy treats and things that you fancy. This is good because it keeps you on track and ensure your body is getting everything it needs, while giving you enough wiggle room to enjoy what you like and not feeling deprived. Maybe you like to have a piece of chocolate each evening when you watch tv, or perhaps you prefer to indulge a little over the weekends and eat healthier in the week. However you choose to do it, it can make life more rewarding when you get to enjoy the foods and drinks you love and the rest of the time, nourish your body with the things that it needs. During your 80% healthy times, put the focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, grains and high vitamin foods. It doesn’t need to mean eating like a rabbit, it can still be enjoyable- go on Pinterest and find some healthy yet tasty recipes. 

Make healthier swaps 

Sometimes, improving your health means taking one step at a time. It can involve making healthier swaps so you’re able to transition into better habits. Take smoking for example, we all know it’s incredibly bad for health and the ideal scenario would be to quit. But if that’s not feasible then consider the next best thing. E cigarettes have been consistently shown to be healthier than traditional smoking, you’re not inhaling all of the fumes and toxins that come from tobacco. There have been issues in the media about certain vape juices being unsafe, but much more is known these days and these products have been removed from sale. Choose a reputable company like Aspire e Cig UK so you know you’re getting good quality and safe products. Another area you could make healthier swaps is with fizzy drinks. Again, giving up completely might be the ideal but if it’s not something you can or want to then why not try something a little healthier. Sugar free drinks are better for your teeth and calories too. Many people can be wary about sweeteners, but actually the effect on the body is far worse when you’re drinking sugar so diet drinks are a better alternative. If you can’t give up the pop cold turkey but want to drink more water, you could also try switching to squash. 

Incorporate relaxation into your schedule

Relaxation is so important when it comes to health and wellbeing, and what could be nicer than spending time kicking back and relaxing? You could splash out and go to a nice spa, or you could pamper yourself at home- a hot bath, some nice oils and bath products and some hair and skin masks and moisturisers when you get out. We all lead busy lives with hectic schedules, taking some time to unwind isn’t just good for your mental health but for your physical health too. It helps tight knots in your shoulders and back to unwind, and along with some deep breathing can even lower blood pressure. 

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