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Home Decorating Ideas for Fashion-Forward People

by luxirare
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You may think about fashion as something you wear, but it can be much more! Your personal style seeps into every aspect of your life, which means your personal space should contain details that make it undeniable to any visitor that you live there.That can be hard to do. Just because you know your personal style doesn’t mean you know how to translate it into your home! Here are a few fashion-forward decorating ideas that will make your home look just as cool as you.

    1. Jazz up Your Blinds

Blinds can be so blasé. They usually come in boring colors, feature ugly cords and rods, and end up sagging, bending, or breaking.
Don’t think you have to skip them altogether. The right blinds can really enhance a space.
Consider hanging blinds with a twist, which means:

  • Ordering vertical blinds that have a texture or are covered in fabric
  • Forget plastic blinds and choose wood or bamboo blinds
  • Skip the blinds and install shutters inside instead
    1. Introduce Bright Colors

Most interiors, even the ones in all the magazines, are left looking a bit like a blank canvas. White and gray seem to be the popular colors at the moment.
You don’t have to follow the crowd and fill your white room with neutral furniture. Bright colors deserve a place in every home! You don’t want to paint an entire room bright yellow or Ceylon blue, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look great on a feature wall. A bright color may also look fantastic when painted on the cabinetry in a bathroom or a dresser in the bedroom.
Accessories are a great way to add color to a space too! Leave the walls plain but choose a purple couch and accent it with bright pink pillows.

    1. It’s All in the Details

The biggest features in a room often get the most attention, but don’t lose sight of all the small stuff because you’re too busy thinking about the carpet and furniture. A room really comes together in the details.

In a fashion-forward house, that means choosing some unexpected details. An artsy chandelier made out of unexpected items, arranged in an unexpected way, or painted an unexpected color is a great way to add a little style to the kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom.

Funky lamps, doorknobs, and cabinet pulls should all be chosen carefully as well.

    1. Bring the Outdoors In

Everyone always talks about bringing the indoors to outdoor spaces, but it’s even cooler if you do the opposite!

Consider using siding, like fiber cement or cedar shingles, indoors to create a feature wall. You can use outdoor materials, like weathered wood siding, to create an eye-catching ceiling. You can even consider using outdoor stone facing on furniture, like kitchen islands.

Just because everyone else wants a clean, white, bare looking space doesn’t mean you have to have one! With the tips on this list, you can make your interior spaces look unique, comfortable, and beautiful.

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