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Homage to Great Design: The Art of Home Decor, Scandi Style

by luxirare

Life’s too short for bad furniture. Opting for well chosen, beautifully designed and excellently made home furnishings is a far better way to decorate than picking up the cheapest discount plywood effort from somewhere everyone shops. That’s the Scandinavian attitude to the home – quality and durability over the cheap and cheerful. Here are some Scandi design staples that you’ll fall in love with.


Sticking to simple, hardwearing, and ultimately beautiful materials is what Scandinavian designers are known for. If you want to introduce stunning Nordic-inspired features into your home, lighting is an excellent place to start, as pieces are unique, easily fit in with your existing décor, and provide a focal point for a room.

Table or floor lamps typically consist of a combination of glass, wood, enamel, ceramics, copper, and other metals. The styles of the shades often harken back to traditional lamp styles but with a contemporary twist that makes them unique.


A classic design trope of Scandi tables and chairs is simplicity and functionality of form. Designers typically make features of the structural elements of their tables, with legs and struts not hidden view. You can see this in the excellent Scandi range at Nest with Eames style furniture they have. Simple combinations of high quality materials like coloured metal, plain wood and marble are often used.

Multi-tiered tables are organised with geometric precision and artful, organic shapes, and rounded edges paired with angular features. Textures are typically smooth, using utilitarian materials that have a tasteful sense of fun.

If you’re on the lookout for a dining or coffee table, Scandi designs will really last the test of time – their classic look will never go out of style and can always be added to with accessories like table cloths, lamps and candles for example.


If you’re looking to own a piece of statement and idiosyncratic Scandinavian design as a feature of your home, and individual chair can be just that. Lounge chairs with ottomans or foot stools make an excellent addition to a living room, or be that focal point that you’re looking for.

Making use of leather, steam-bent wooden frames, durable, subtly coloured and simply upholstered fabrics, Scandi chairs tend to be at once bold and minimalistic. Designers expertly meld comfort with style in a way that never comprises on looks.

For those who like their design classic, versatile and hard-wearing with playful elements, Scandinvian design is for you. A great thing about Scandinavian furniture is its potential as an investment piece – their styles are always sought-after, and have the accolade of looking perpetually in-style.


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