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Holiday Essentials Checklist

by luxirare
Holiday Essentials

Summer, Vacation. The words that mean a lot of time out in the sun, and if you are really lucky, the beach too.

So get your passports ready because summer vacation season is here!

While getting ready to elope somewhere exotic, do take a look at this holiday essentials checklist to make sure you’re not going to forget anything.

1. Clothes

A few cotton dresses are a must-have during your vacation because they will allow your skin to breathe and chase sweat away. And if you want to pass from the beach to a bar, a Kaftan style dress will solve this problem for you. Short pants are also important, so make sure to take a denim pair with frayed edges, a cotton pair beige or white, and a silky pair with some nice prints. Make sure to grab two cotton T-shirts of the highest quality and a slogan one, great for wearing with shorts. And at night, a cute nightie or short set is ideal to help you sleep comfortably.

2. Shoes

Forget all about heels because you’re not going to wear them. Opt for sliders instead, as they are comfy and cool around the pool. Trainers should also be on your list, for when you go sightseeing or in case you can’t skip your workout routine. Thinking about what should you wear for dinner? A pair of flat sandals with an elegant design or pointy flats is just what you need.

3. Swimwear

When it comes to beachwear, you need to have two sets of bikinis if you plan to have a one-week holiday. This way one will be left to dry while you use the other. Just do try on several before buying your bikinis to make sure they fit just right. And do consider the one piece version as well, especially if you opted for an all-inclusive vacation and you’ll enjoy a buffer before heading to the beach.

4. Accessories

Sunglasses or eyeglasses with UV filters, and a woven straw sunhat should not be forgotten at home. You should go to  SmartBuyGlasses and find your favourite pair. As a tip, you should leave your expensive jewelry at home, so you won’t lose them, taking only those pieces of jewelry that you wear on a daily basis and perhaps one pair of sophisticated earrings for dinner.

5. Bags

You will need to have a cross-body bag, where you will keep your money and cards in safety, a beach bag to fit your sunscreen and your favorite book, and a nice clutch for your evenings out.
This part will include sunscreen and after-sun lotion, shower gel, deodorant, razors and tweezers, your usual face moisturizer and cleanser, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, hair bands, hair brush, lip balm with SPF protection, and a little first aid kit.

6. Make Up

The best part about taking a vacation is that you can take a break from wearing makeup. Plus, sitting in the sun will only make it melt, so don’t pack too much makeup items. A concealer, highlighter, and waterproof mascara are all you need. Also, it would be a good idea to put some of your favorite perfume in an atomizer of an adequate travel size.

7. Electronics

Don’t forget your phone charger and pack an adapter as well. Make sure you download several movies, TV shows, books, and favorite music. Do consider getting a portable charger just in case and make sure your camera has sufficient memory for the photos you’ll take.

8. Holiday essentials

Get prepared with a holiday insurance, which should be printed and kept with you all the time. Also print the address of your hotel or Airbnb host, just in case you don’t get along with the taxi driver. Don’t forget your passport and make sure the document is up to date, with all the visas you may need. And make sure you have adequate currency, cash or card, whichever you consider most suitable.

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