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The hidden beauty of Ireland

by luxirare
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The serene beauty of lush green meadows, lofty mountains, cliffs, beautiful lakes, churches, castles and historical ruins adds true beauty to this place. The spectacular view of land and seascapes attract tourists to a great extent. Going for a long drive across the untraveled places will let you witness the spectacular beauty of Ireland. You may stumble over a beauty spot once in a while and lose yourself in the picturesque beauty of the place.

The hidden beauty of Ireland can only be visible when you travel through the path that will lead you to exotic locations of Ireland.  Road trips with your near and dear ones will create memories that can be cherished for a life time.

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Get off the traditional route and explore the unseen beautiful places of Ireland. The scenic drive across the Fanad Peninsula along the rugged coastline of Donegal will give you a wonderful experience. Occasionally crossed by sheep and cows, the place is known for its spectacular sea views that would simply touch your soul. Going for a picturesque drive in County Wexford and the route that will take you from Wexford to Waterford is really amazing to look at. The route via Hook Head has an impact of historical theme that reminds people of Viking times. The beautiful tourist attraction of Hook Peninsula includes Ballyhack castle, Tintern Abbey, Duncannon Fort are some of the breathtaking historical landmarks of Ireland.

A road trip from Leenane to Louisburgh through Delphi in County Mayo can be another exciting one. The gorgeous landscape en route is something really lovely to look at. Do not miss to grab a bite at the Campbell’s pub or at the Delphi Resort. The breathtaking scenery of roadside, rolling hills, sea, rugged coastline, historical ruins are something a tourist would love to see.

Explore the places in Ireland that have been a part of the sets on the television screen. If you head north towards Northern Ireland, the area is home to famous television series like Game of Thrones. Castle Warn in County Down is one such place that served as the ancestral home of the Starks. You can also experience the exotic location, Curracloe Strand in County Wexford which was the set for the blockbuster war movie, Saving Private Ryan starring Tom Hanks in the lead role.

Swimming in the water, sunbathe, strolling on the beach is something you would love to as a part of your next road trip. You can get to see County Clare on west coast, the set for the comedy movie Father Ted. So there are plenty of places to explore, it just takes the courage and the will to see those places and travel the less travelled path.

According to the bloggers, travelers and tourists, the hidden beauty of Ireland will only capture you eyes once you head for all these places. The journey will remind you of someone special and will take back to you in nostalgia. The scenery, variety of landscapes and their picturesque beauty will create golden memories worth of remembrance.

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