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Happy Birthday, Virgo girl!

by luxirare

Just like the women that were born under the sign of Taurus, you are a classic as well! Virgo girls are born under the sign of responsibility and generosity, two main characteristics that will help you daily attires with a relaxed and adequate air at all times.

Virgos represent, as well, feminine purity and modesty. They are practical beings, who like creating order out of chaos – which means that there are high chances for your dresser to be highly organised and neat.

The women that bear the sign of the Virgo are always elegant and have a well-chosen look, even when they are casually dressed, for the weekend or when they are in a vacation – you will never see stains of food on their sleeves or sweat traces under the armpit of their shirts, there are no missing buttons on their coats, and they will never walk out of the house wearing clothes that weren’t ironed previously.

Virgos are extremely careful when it comes to details; this is why all their clothes have well-made cuts, with classic well-defined lines – shirts and blazers with a slim fit, straight skirts, fitted dresses – and with accessories that always match. Such a woman will never wear extravagant clothes or pieces that could be classified as being vulgar. As a Virgo, you don’t appreciate loud colours or too daring chromatic combinations, and you’re not too much into the tendencies either.

You are not the type of woman who needs a constant dose of shopping or new clothes to be happy. Although sales are interesting for you, you have a very clear view of what could be covered by your budget and what will fit your figure best. Because of this, you will always buy high-quality clothes – even if less than usual – that will last for years.

You don’t mind paying the full price for an item, if this means that you will get precisely what you wish for, what you’re missing, and in the exact size that will fit you. There are many cases when you look for weeks in a row those clothing items and accessories that you consider valuable and classic: the perfect pair of black escarpins, the perfect white shirt, and tailor-made suit.

Virgo celebrities: Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Beyonce Knowles, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie, Shania Twain, Claudia Schiffer, Rachel Bilson, Rose McGowan, Raquel Welch.


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