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Happy Birthday Slot Gameplay Review

by luxirare

Birthdays, eh? We’ve all got them, and we predominantly all love them too, as it is the perfect excuse to have a jolly good old party, and even receive some lovely presents if you are lucky. The history of the birthday is quite interesting too, because it hasn’t always been met with such high regard within human society. In fact, the first human civilizations didn’t really have an adequate grip on time as a result of the lack of calendars, and it was therefore extremely difficult to even perceive when your birthday was, let alone celebrate it. This all changed, however, with the Ancient Egyptians and the advances they made in tracking the passing of time. Important people such as Pharaohs would have their birthdays celebrated in order to ward off evil spirits, something that also happened in Ancient Greece. However it was those fearsome Romans that began celebrating the birthday of the common man, a practise that grew exponentially as time went on. 

Nowadays it is exceedingly rare for someone to not celebrate, or at least take notice of, their birthday. As the Industrial Revolution and advances in global trade meant that, on average, people had more money than ever before, it also meant that birthdays could be treated with a lot more care. Suddenly there was an abundance of sugary cakes, for instance, and in the early 20th Century the “Happy Birthday” song we all know and love entered the public lexicon. By now it should be clear enough how much birthdays mean to people all across the world, and it is therefore no surprise that the online slot industry have tried to exploit this fact as much as possible too. Just look at the very well renowned Australian developers Eyecon and their online slot entitled Happy Birthday. Is there a better online slot to play at wizardslots.com on your birthday? It would be a shame if there was… So, without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at Happy Birthday 

About Happy Birthday and its Aesthetic 

With a slot called Happy Birthday it really shouldn’t be very hard to guess what the general theme will be… Eyecon invite us to a very exciting fiesta focussed online slot here, with a vivid array of colours and classic party items, all designed to have you bringing the party to wherever you happen to be spinning those reels. This is no doubt a celebratory online slot from Eyecon, and as such there is a variety of things like balloons, cake and confetti streamers in the background. We really enjoyed the light-hearted and fun approach to this online slot’s aesthetics, however for more serious slot gamblers we can see why they would be slightly put off. But, in reality, this is just a harmless little online slot title that will most probably induce a huge amount of nostalgia, especially if you have children that have only just grown out of the golden age of birthday parties. 

The symbols in Happy Birthday are all perfectly representative of a classic kids birthday party, with a variety of things liable to pop up on the 5 reel and 25 pay line grid configuration. For example, you will come across icons like streamers, cupcakes, presents, party hats, bouquets of flowers, heart-shaped balloons, popping champagne bottles and delightful champagne flutes. And you know what else too? Fans of another Eyecon online slot, Fluffy Favourites, will be incredibly happy to know that a few of the toys featured in this game will also appear during Happy Birthday. A lovely example of online slot title crossover, and one that is sure to make slots fans playing Happy Birthday even more happy. 

About Happy Birthday and its Bonus Features 

Now, no online slot is worth its salt without a few lovely bonus features, something that Eyecon certainly haven’t skimped out on with Happy Birthday. The first thing to take into account is the slot’s wild symbol, which is denoted by the streamer and can substitute with any other icons other than the scatter in typical fashion. This is also the game’s most valuable symbol, ensuring that any wins made with it are definitely going to be rather large. In fact, line up five of these streamers and you will be in with the chance of winning a quite ridiculous 9,500x your initial bet – it’s not going to happen very often, but by Jove will you be happy when it does. 

Another icon to look out for whilst you are spinning the reels on Happy Birthday is the birthday cake scatter icon. If you are lucky enough to find five of these anywhere on the reels your overall bet will be multiplied by 450x, definitely one of the best scatter symbol prizes we have seen anywhere in the online slot world. And this isn’t the end of it either, because gamblers will also be rewarded with 15 free spins, a prize that is also liable to be retriggered up to 15 times. It doesn’t take a genius to work out quite how lucrative a play Happy Birthday can be as a result of all of this – gamblers could well find themselves having a seriously happy birthday after a few spins on this bad boy. 

About Eyecon and Other Slots by Them 

The Australian developers Eyecon have become synonymous with the crème-de-la-crème of online slot entertainment over the years with a consistent stream of quality online lost titles that have enticed gamblers from all over the world. They are widely recognised to have created the world’s first true online slot, Temple Of Isis, and since then they simply have not looked back. Have a look at some of their other titles from their burgeoning back-catalogue, such as:

  •       Kingdom Of Cash
  •       Very Merry Christmas
  •       Shaman’s Dream
  •       Fiddle Dee Dough

Happy Birthday: The Verdict 

One thing we are absolutely certain of here is that there is no other online slot so perfectly suited for a good old birthday reel spinning session, and that’s a fact. 

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