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Happy Birthday, Scorpio Girl!

by luxirare

As a water sign, you seem to float among many styles, allowing your sensuality and sex-appeal to lead the way. You embody a self-confidence that permits you not to look for others approval when it comes to the clothes you wear or the image you project. This allows you to hover between the extremes of fashion, as you often are a chameleon of fashion.

A long coat and a pair of stiletto sandals are sexy for you, just like a pair of comfortable flats paired with loose flax pants. This is because you know that the power of attraction comes from within. When women around you start copying the trends of the moment, you try them on or let them go with as much ease. You could even wear a vintage trend, launched years ago. 

Although you have the same birth sign as many celebrities known for their style, like Tilda Swinton, Maggie Gylenhaal si Chloe Sevigny, you care less about it. You know that you, in your own way, are a star when it comes to style. Your passions are clothes and accessories, and they seem to create passions in others as well. Some see you sexy, while for others you are simply irresistible. But for you it is just another day with your own style.  

Scorpio celebrities: Julia Roberts (28.10), Winona Ryder (29.10), Jenny McCarthy (1.11), Tilda Swinton (5.11), Thandie Newton (6.11), Brittany Murphy (10.11), Calista Flockhart (11.11), Demi Moore (11.11), Anne Hathaway (12.11), Whoopi Goldberg (13.11), Veronica Lake (14.11),  Lisa Bonet (16.11), Maggie Gylenhaal (16.11), Sophie Marceau (17.11), Chloe Sevigny (18.11), Meg Ryan (19.11), Jodie Foster (19.11).

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